Eiichiro Oda Creates AI Generated Song For One Piece; Fans React!

Eiichiro Oda Creates AI Generated Song For One Piece; Fans React!

December 23, 2023

Eiichiro Oda once again tried his hand at using AI, following his previous collaboration with ChatGPT for plot ideas for One Piece manga.

This time, however, he composed a song for One Piece with the help of an Al music creation tool called Suno. This was revealed on the official Twitter handle of One Piece staff on Dec 20, 2023. The song is called “YO-HO-HO, We Pirates”.

According to the staff’s tweet, Oda had personally sent the original song to the editor.

It seems that Oda-san sent an original song to the editor…The title is “YO-HO-HO, We Are Pirates,” apparently,” the tweet read.

The first slide of the video reveals that AI was responsible both the lyrics and the music of the song, along with the jacket. At the end, we see Oda’s message in which he says “I asked AI to create a song for One Piece.

The lyrics of the song talk about Luffy, the Straw hat pirate and his dream to become the pirate king.

However, fan reactions have been far from positive, with many expressing disappointment and concern about the use of AI in the creative process.

image 25
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Some fans also connected this with the recent One Piece remake announcement, sparking worries among fans about the potential use of AI in the remake.

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