Expelled from Paradise Gets Sequel Film! | Anime News

Expelled from Paradise Gets Sequel Film! | Anime News

January 28, 2024

Almost 10 years after its original release, sci-fi anime film Expelled from Paradise now has a sequel film confirmed!

Titled Liberated from Paradise: Kokoro no Resonance, the sequel will reunite key staff members who worked on the original film: director Seiji Mizushima, scriptwriter Gen Urobuchi, character designer Saitom and music producer Narasaki.

Info on a release date and the main cast is yet to come.

Released in 2014, Expelled from Paradise follows Angela Balzac, an agent at a space station whose inhabitants exist in a virtual reality environment without physical bodies. However, she discovers what it’s like to live with an organic body after being sent to a now barren Earth on a mission.

©Toei Animation, Nitroplus/Expelled from Paradise Society
Source: PR Times

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