Eyeshield 21 manga will have a one-shot for its 21st anniversary

Eyeshield 21 manga will have a one-shot for its 21st anniversary

January 30, 2024

To celebrate! the manga Eyeshield 21written by Riichiro Inagaki and illustrated by Yusuke Muratacelebrated its 21st anniversary, for which a special 55-page one-shot chapter was published, which was published today in the Weekly Shonen Jump in Japan.

Likewise, the final version of the animation of Muratawhich was created in his anime studio Village Studio. This animation was published through the channel Youtube SHONEN JUMP.

Notably, this recent chapter continues the story and follows Sena Kobayakawa and the rest of the team as they enter the world of college football and fight for their dreams and pride.

In this way, said chapter obtained the central color of the magazine.

Finally, it is worth remembering that the manga Eyeshield 21 original was launched in the pages of Weekly Shonen Jump in 2002 and was published until 2009.

Likewise, it had an anime adaptation developed by the studio Gallop and counting on the directors Masayoshi Nishida and Shin Katagai.

This adaptation was developed from April 2005 until March 2008 and is currently available through the platform streaming Crunchyroll.

Editor’s note: I would say that this manga is already old, but it is just that it is barely younger than me xD

Eyeshield 21:

Since he was a child, Sena has been bullied into running errands, which has given him excellent speed that the captain of the American football team wants as part of “Eye Shield 21…Lightning Speed.”

Fountain: Crunchyroll

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The article’s relevance to current events and societal issues is striking.