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Grand Theft Auto VI – The trailer already breaks a record on YouTube




Yesterday we were all completely perplexed with the release of the trailer for Grand Theft Auto VIa game that the most fans of the saga have been waiting for for just over 10 years, almost since we finished in Grand Theft Auto V.

According to some estimates, the title will be the game with the best debut of all time, and to confirm it, we only have to see the enormous number of visits that the trailer received. At the time of writing this, the video already has 75 million views in just 18 hours.

Likewise, the reveal trailer for GTA 6 helped Rockstar get around 1.2 million subscribers so far this week alone, according to Social Blade records. As a reference, we tell you that the reveal trailer for Grand Theft Auto V, which dates back to November 2, 2011, at the time of writing the note has 98 million views. Thus, it is expected that the trailer for GTA 6 soon surpass his predecessor.

How many times have you seen the trailer? Comment on our networks, I have a few.

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