Grand Theft Auto VI- Who is Lucía? The first female protagonist of the Grand Theft Auto saga

Grand Theft Auto VI- Who is Lucía? The first female protagonist of the Grand Theft Auto saga

December 5, 2023

Yesterday we witnessed a truly historic event in the world of video games, during the afternoon hours in Argentina the fact that the trailer for Grand Theft Auto VI on Twitter, that, in fact, its release date was scheduled for today (December 5), but they had to release it almost 24 hours before due to said leak.

I think we all felt that little mini heart attack when we saw the notification on our phones, especially because of the time we had to wait to enjoy this trailer, which, in fact, did not leave anyone dissatisfied.

While I was writing the paragraph above I started to think that the trailer did leave a group of people dissatisfied, since Rockstar refrained from revealing information related to the mechanics and game systems, since it seems that a large part of the cinematics are done with CGI, revealing the setting and the main characters. In this way, it is confirmed that there will be 2 protagonists: Jason and Lucy.

Clearly the one that draws the most attention is Lucia, since she is the first female protagonist of the saga. Thanks to the trailer and the leaks, we can presume what the origin of such a character is and what role she will play alongside Jason.

Who is Lucía, the protagonist of Grand Theft Auto VI?

At the beginning of the trailer we see her in jail, and later, we see her with Jason as they rob a store and escape in a car. These sequences seem to confirm the reports that indicate that the protagonists are a couple of thieves.

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For fans with memory, you will remember that Jason Schreier revealed that the protagonist of Grand Theft Auto VI is a Latina woman, possibly referring to Lucia. According to the folks at Rockstar Universe, Lucia is a citizen of Vice City and she is related to a Latino gang, and she even has a young son. Furthermore, Jason is said to be a former cartel member. It is important to note that these data lack official confirmation.

Finally, it was confirmed that the game will only be released in 2025, so we still have to wait a long time to enjoy it, we can only pray that Rockstar Games releases more trailers to discover more about the characters.

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