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Jujutsu Kaisen: Nanami Kento beats the arrival of summer in South America with this beautiful figure




The manufacturer Hun Yu Studio and the distributor orzGK are ready to enjoy the summer in South America and also to captivate fans of Jujutsu Kaisen with this beautiful figure of a young man Nanami Kento version Summer Memories.

In the figure we see a young and beautiful Nanami enjoying the summer with a surfboard. Something that really stands out about the product is the enormous amount of detail both in the character’s clothing and in his body, almost to a sickly level. All added to a quality and a spectacular design, in addition, of a more than acceptable size, 26 – 35cm.

Currently the figure is in pre-sale status through the orzGK website, which you can access through this link.

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Nananmi is a character very beloved by Jujutsu Kaisen fans, he was one of a first-grade shaman, a former student of the Tokyo Metropolitan Magic Technical College and Yu Haibara’s partner.

He was a very intelligent, reserved man with a strong sense of responsibility towards his work.. Originally, he was an office worker but left his old job because it didn’t make a major impact on others; however, as a shaman, he felt better about being able to reap small tokens of gratitude from innocent people.

For example, helping an employee at the bakery he used to go to was enough to convince him to return to his life as a shaman and be able to continue on his path without regret. Beyond his tough exterior, he was a man of good moral values.

He knew how to separate sentimentality from workand confessed that he only followed his path as a shaman because it required more aptitude than working in an office. Most of the time, he displayed a nonchalant attitude and often seemed very distant and stoic.

As one of Itadori’s mentors, he is initially shown how much of a contrast he possessed against Satoru Gojo. Unlike him, he stated that he strictly followed the decisions of the higher ups and, although he has known Gojo since they were both studying at the Tokyo Metropolitan Magic Technical College, he declared that he trusts and has faith in him but does not respect him. despite the mutual trust that exists between them.

Fountain: orzGK.

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