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Meet the cast of the Godzilla Minus One dub




Through a press release, our friends at Konnichiwa Festival confirmed the dubbing cast for its next big premiere, Godzilla Minus Onethis will be made up of:

  • Oscar Lopez as Koichi.
  • Raul Solo as Tachibana.
  • Jennifer Medel as Sumiko.
  • Lili Vela as Noriko.
  • Victor Delgado as Akitsu.
  • Ditter Ruiz as Mizushima.
  • Daniel Abundis as Does not give.
  • Octavio Rojas as hotta.

Let us remember that the film will be released next December 28th.

In addition to this, for the premiere of Godzilla Minus Onewhat in The United States has already positioned itself as the highest-grossing Japanese film in history, Cinépolis will have commemorative tickets that it will give to attendees before entering the performance. Tickets, which feature Godzilla’s image, the film’s title and the release date, will be given out while supplies last.

Director Takashi Yamasaki not only directed and scripted the film, but was also in charge of the visual effects. The hypnotizing realism that Yamasaki imbued both in the destruction scenes and in Godzilla himself conquered Asian viewers who were already able to see the film.

This time, the spectacular effects will not stay on the screen and will reach your seat. To enjoy this work of calamity and destruction in its entirety, Cinépolis enabled the 4DX theaters, where you will feel your seat rumble and vibrate with every step of Godzilla.

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Godzilla Minus One is a nod to the past and the true origin of Godzilla. Both because of the setting and the representation of the monster as a ruthless being, it is impossible not to remember that glorious time when Godzilla was the “God of destruction.”

Godzilla Minus One Synopsis

Live, resist. In a devastated and changing Japan, Godzilla suddenly appears. There is some way for those who survived to resist and fight back? The setting of this new film is a Japan that, after the war, has lost everything. “From zero to minus one.”

After the war, a desolate Japan witnesses the emergence of Godzilla, leading the country to even greater destruction. In the moment of Greater despair, who will dare to resist?

Fountain: Press release.

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