SHY confirmed its second season

SHY confirmed its second season

December 18, 2023

At the end of the broadcast, the final chapter of the first season of the animated adaptation of SHY, the production of a continuation with a second season was confirmed. The statement did not reveal more details such as the release date, we will be waiting for future updates.

Furthermore, the statement was accompanied by a special illustration made by the manga’s author, Bukimi Miki.

The first season of the series had a total of 12 episodes that are available on Crunchyroll, the series has its simuldub made in Mexico under the direction of Óscar Garibay.

voice cast

  • Danna Alcala as SHY.
  • Cynthia Chong as Spirits.
  • Oscar Garibay as Stardust.
  • Ale Pilar as Lady Black.

SHY is a work written and illustrated by Bukimi Miki and its first publication took place in August 2019 through the Weekly Shonen Champion magazine from the Akita Shoten publishing house.

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Synopsis of SHY

Just as the planet was approaching its third world war, super-powered individuals from all over the world appeared to keep the peace. They became the symbols of their respective nations, striving to limit crime and bring evildoers to justice.

Teenage heroine Teru “Shy” Momijiyama is Japan’s representative in the world of heroes. When a mysterious threat called the Amalareiks arises, Shy must work with her fellow heroes to stop them at all costs.

Fountain: Anime News Network.

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