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The boys love ‘The Perfect Prince Loves Me, His Rival?!’ confirmed new details of its anime




Through a press release, Shueisha confirmed new details for the animated adaptation of the boys love manga “The Perfect Prince Loves Me, His Rival?! (Ateuma Chara no Kuse Shite, Spadali Ōji ni Chōai Sarete Imasu.)“.

The release included a new promotional image in addition to the members of the main voice cast.

Voice cast members

Saint Hiiragi as Alec Rey Galsiam.

Haru Danji as Lonil Glavis.

As usually happens with this type of anime, it will have two versions; one for television that will be censored and another ‘premium’ without censorship. The anime will premiere next April 7 of this year.

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Synopsis of The Perfect Prince Loves Me, His Rival?!

“I’ve always…wanted to touch you.” The prince, the love interest of my loser rival, finds me handsome. Although we should be fighting over the heroine… why does the prince have his eyes on me?!

Fountain: Anime News Network.

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