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The Funimation streaming platform will permanently disappear




The end of an era! The world-renowned platform for streaming Funimation will cease the service of both its mobile application and its website next April 2, 2024this as part of its unification with the world-famous platform of streaming Crunchyrollwhich was announced in March 2022.

This news was released last Wednesday February 7, 2024 through the help segment of said platform. It is worth remembering that this platform had already closed its operations in Latin America last July 31, 2023just as we told you previously:

Funimation will close its streaming service at the end of July

In addition, this section also provides an explanation on the management of data of users who migrate from the Uncle Funi to him Uncle Crunchy. There they explain how they can migrate their data and what will happen with aspects such as active subscriptions, which will be transferred automatically.

On the other hand, it is worth mentioning that this company was founded on May 9, 1994 by Gene Fukunaga and his wife Cindy as Funimation Productionswith financing from Daniel Cocanougher and his familywho became investors in the company.Funimation was acquired by Navarre Corporation he May 11, 2005and the company was renamed Funimation Entertainment.

In April 2011, Navarre sold Funimation to a group of investors that included the original owner Gene Fukunaga by $24 million.Around the same time, the company’s trademark ball, star, and blue bar were removed from its logo and the company was renamed simply Funimation.

After the unification, the platform that until now operated under the name Funimation Global Group, LLC; will operate under the name Crunchyroll, LLC. Finally, it is also worth remembering that, although many have already done so, some of the dubbing hosted there have not yet been transferred to the catalog of the Uncle Crunchy.

Editor’s note: See you soon Uncle Funi, May the Force be with you! :’)

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