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The Game Awards 2023 – What time does the ceremony start in Mexico and throughout LATAM?




We are just a few hours away from living the long-awaited Game Awardsand the truth is that the expectation is total due to the enormous quality of games we had this year, the competition to be the GOTY is closer than ever.

The ceremony of Game Awards 2023 will take place today, December 7th. In addition to meeting the winners of all categories, viewers will be able to witness the announcement of new trailers.

The agreed time for Argentina and other LATAM countries is as follows;

  • Argentina ― 9:30 PM
  • Mexico ― 6:30 PM
  • El Salvador ― 6:30 PM
  • Nicaragua ― 6:30 PM
  • Guatemala ― 6:30 PM
  • Honduras ― 6:30 PM
  • Costa Rica ― 6:30 PM
  • Peru ― 7:30 PM
  • Colombia ― 7:30 PM
  • Ecuador ― 7:30 PM
  • Panama ― 7:30 PM
  • Puerto Rico ― 8:30 PM
  • Venezuela ― 8:30 PM
  • Bolivia ― 8:30 PM
  • Uruguay ― 9:30 PM
  • Chile ― 9:30 PM
  • Brazil ― 9:30 PM
  • Paraguay ― 9:30 PM

What I mentioned about the announcements causes great expectations because Xbox confirmed its presence and hinted that it is preparing exciting news, while SEGA announced that it will present a big surprise that promises to mark “a new era.”

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Who will be the GOTY winner at the Game Awards?

The cover will always be brought to whoever will be the GOTY winning video game, also called Game Of The Year. Let us remember that the nominees are; Baldur’s Gate 3, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, Alan Wake 2, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 and Super Mario Bros. Wonder. Our winner? Without a doubt, Baldur’s Gate 3, comment on yours.

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