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100 Year Quest will receive a special preview in Latin American cinemas




Konnichiwa! Festival surprised this Thursday by announcing in social networks the arrival of the early premiere of the first episodes of Fairy Tail: 100 Year Quest, in a special for cinemas in alliance with Artworks Entertainment and Kodansha.

This special will contain the first three episodes and will be shown in selected Latin American countries starting on June 27th. The territories confirmed at the moment are: MexicoPanama, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Chile and Peru.

Tickets will go on sale on June 13, while the performances will be shown only in Japanese with Spanish subtitles.

What does it consist of? Fairy Tail: 100 Year Quest?

Synopsis: In the Kingdom of Fiore, the wizard guild “Fairy Tail” is known to be the most troublesome. The strongest team in this guild, Natsu, Lucy, Happy, Gray, Erza, Wendy and Charly, are about to embark on a new journey. Their destination is the world’s oldest wizard guild, the “Magic Dragon,” which is located in Giltena, far to the north. After overcoming the fierce battles against the dark wizard Zeref and the black dragon Acnologia, Natsu and her team have received special permission to accept a higher-level mission than an S-class mission: the “100 Year Mission.” .” The “100 Year Mission” is a legendary mission that no one has managed to complete in more than a century since the founding of the “Magic Dragon”. On this new continent, they will encounter a “strange city,” a “mysterious god,” and a “chilling enemy” who begin to act.

Announced in 2021, the director of the original series, Shinji Ishiharawill serve as chief director of the new anime, while Toshinori Watanabe (Edens Zero) will be the director. Atsuhiro Tomioka, who wrote the scripts for many episodes of the classic anime, will oversee the scripts for the current series. Production is carried out by JC Staff.

Where to watch Fairy Tail?

In Latin America, the first two seasons of the classic anime are available on Maxwith dubbing in its first two seasons, while Crunchyroll It has episodes 176 to 328. This new stage for now does not have a defined platform for its premiere.

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