5 Reasons why Video Games and Esports Dominate Latin America

5 Reasons why Video Games and Esports Dominate Latin America

September 27, 2023

Video games and esports have become undisputed protagonists of entertainment in Latin America. This growing trend not only reflects the region’s passion for gaming, but also responds to a number of factors that make it the most important form of entertainment today.

1. Huge Audience and Growing Market: Latin America is home to an ever-expanding gaming audience, with more than 335 million gamers by 2023, according to Newzoo. This figure represents approximately 10% of gamers worldwide, highlighting the importance of the region in the global video game industry. A more concrete example? Two years ago Roblox already had 225 million monthly users on the planet.

2. Investment in Esports: Esports in Latin America are booming, and investments are not far behind. The esports market in the region is estimated to reach $45 million by 2023, a significant increase compared to previous years. These figures support the growing professionalization and popularity of esports.

3. Socioeconomic Impact: Video games and esports generate employment and business opportunities. The video game industry in Latin America contributed $5.4 billion in revenue in 2020, according to SuperData. This includes not only the sale of games, but also online services, hardware and related content.

4. Education and Skills Development: Video games are increasingly used as educational and development tools. In Latin America, game-based educational programs help improve mathematical and problem-solving skills in students. This not only improves the quality of education, but also fosters a brighter future.

5. Streaming Platforms and Creative Content: Platforms such as Twitch and YouTube have promoted the creation of content around video games and esports. Latin American streamers and content creators attract millions of viewers, generating a new type of interactive entertainment that combines gaming skills with entertainment. This trend demonstrates that video games are not only played, but also consumed as a form of passive entertainment. Some successful streamers report monthly income exceeding $10,000, demonstrating the economic viability of this profession in Latin America.

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The numbers don’t lie: video games and esports are experiencing a boom in Latin America that shows no signs of slowing down. As we continue to advance in the digital age, video games and esports will continue to play a fundamental role in the lives of millions of Latin Americans.

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