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A Certain Captain’s Bankai Will Be The Highlight Of Bleach TYBW Cour 3, Producer Tominaga Says




Viz Media put a new video regarding Bleach TYBW on their official X account on July 6, 2024, featuring director Hikaru Murata, Chief Series Director Tomohisa Taguchi, and Producer Yoshihiro Tominaga.

The staff members gave interesting insights about what fans can expect from the upcoming Bleach TYBW cour 3, titled The Conflict.

First of all, it was confirmed that Cour 3, just like the previous two cours, will have anime original content. This content was created by working together with the manga author Tite Kubo. The author himself had previously said that he will be more involved in the upcoming Cour.

Well, [Cour 3] will show some brand new, never seen before Bleach content,” Taguchi said. “We worked together with Kubo sensei again to create new scenes that would supplement the stories covered in the original manga.

Tominaga acknowledged the abundance of original scenes and encouraged fans to anticipate them.

He also highlighted that multiple captains will showcase their Bankai abilities in the upcoming Cour, particularly emphasizing one captain whose Bankai reveal will be a highlight.

This is already covered in the original manga, but a certain captain will finally reveal his Bankai. I think that’s also one of the highlights of Part 3,” Tominaga said.

According to fans the captain in question had to be Shunsui Kyoraku, whose Bankai reveal was said to be “generational”.

However, there were also some who were hoping that cour 3 would also touch upon Ukitake’s bankai which was never revealed in the manga (Brave souls revealed it though).

Additionally, it was revealed that the staff members are going above and beyond to animate the scenes involving Stern Ritter Royal Guards – specifically their power-ups and transformations.

According to Tominaga, these royal guards are just as unique and memorable as the beloved Soul Reaper captains, and he wanted fans to look forward to their scenes from Part 3.

We are working hard to go beyond the quality of the original manga to animate their scenes,” Tominaga said.

Another interesting piece of information that was revealed in the video was that new director Murata has employed a lot more CGI in the upcoming part compared to the previous one.

Bleach TYBW Cour 3, titled The Conflict, will be releasing in October 2024.

Six Lounge’s Without Any Words will be the opening song of the third cour, whereas Monochrome by Suisoh will be the ending song.

Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War cour 1 aired in Japan on Oct 10, 2022, and ended on Dec 26, 2022, with a one-hour long special episode, combining episodes 12 and 13 of the anime.

Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War cour 2 started airing on July 8, 2023.

It was previously revealed that  anime will be split into four cours, with breaks in between.

Source: Viz Media’s post on X

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