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A Condition Called Love prepares its premiere with a spectacular trailer




Through a press release, a new promotional video for the animated adaptation of the manga was revealed. Hananoi-kun to Koi no Yamai (A Condition Called Love), in it they show us a fragment of the opening theme, titled “Kimi no Sei” and interpreted by “Sexy Zone“.

The series will premiere in Crunchyroll the next April 4 and the platform has already confirmed that it will have Latin dubbing.

A Condition Called Loven is a work written and illustrated by Megumi Morino and its first publication took place in December 2017 through the magazine Monthly Dessert from the publisher Kodansha.

To highlight, the manga has the award for Best Shojo Manga in the 2021 edition of the Kodansha Manga Awards in Japan.

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Synopsis of A Condition Called Love

Hotaru Hinase is a first-year high school student who values ​​her family and friends above all else. Unable to understand romance, she decides that she will settle for life without the experience of falling in love.

While Hotaru spends time at a coffee shop with her close friend, she witnesses the relentless breakup of a handsome honors student, Hananoi. Finding her sitting alone in the snow on the way home, he hands her his umbrella in a gesture of kindness.

The next day, Hananoi appears in Hotaru's class and asks her to be his girlfriend. Despite being rejected, Hananoi remains by Hotaru's side, performing selfless acts in hopes of pleasing her. Hotaru begins to feel emotions that she has never felt before.

Believing that these emotions could turn into love, Hotaru agrees to date Hananoi.

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