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A new month begins! Anime Onegai reveals its list of premieres for June




June is coming and Anime Onegai brings new surprises! Discover all the premieres scheduled for this month:

Ishida and Asakura

The first ad of the night comes with a voiceover directed by Daniel Lacy and translated by Mar Palacios. The cast includes:

  • Luis Navarro like Ishida
    Javi Sanchez as Asakura

The synopsis takes us into the lives of two high school friends, Ishida and Asakura, who dream of opening a flower shop. However, their daily life is full of comical and absurd situations that only a true friendship can endure.

The series will be available in its entirety from June 2nd.

“The Claw” game for girls

The following ad has a dub directed by Hector Mena and starring:

  • Eli Infante as Asuka
    Carolina Cortes as Kyouko
    Effy Estrada like Mirai
    Montse Aguilar like Tokiko
    Martha Rave as Agent Gorilla

The story follows a group of girls who must defend the Earth from an imminent alien invasion, with their only hope placed in winning at crane games. It is a series full of adventures, challenges and fun.

Available from June 9.


This adorable and comic series comes with a dubbing under the direction of David Allende. The cast includes:

  • Yanitze Ramirez as Yuuko
    Montse Aguilar like Maa
    Blue Valadez like roo
    Wendy Malvarez as Azumi

The synopsis presents us with a world where cats are not only pets, but also close friends who live daily adventures with their owners.

The series will premiere in full on June 23.


This series comes with a dubbing directed by Dolores Mondragon and starring:

  • Rosalinda Marquez like tokine
    Analiz Sánchez like hacchin
    Maggie Vera as Natsuko
    Cassandra Acevedo as Yoshie
    Araceli Romero like Kyouka

Ami Tokine, secretary to the CEO of the TEN2 advertising agency, is trapped in a bright light in the meeting room and cannot get out.

NAZOTOKINE” will premiere on June 16.

Ai Tenchi Muyo!

Ai Tenchi Muyo!” comes to Anime Onegai with a dubbing directed by David Allende. The cast includes:

  • Arturo Castaneda like tenchi
    Sofia Pimentel like Momo
    Adriana Nuñez like Hachiko
    Diana Nolan like Hana

Tenchi Masaki is a teenager who meets Ryoko, a space pirate on the run from Mihoshi, a space police officer. Ryoko manages to stay with the Masaki family after an accident.

The series will premiere on June 30th.

Perfect Infiltrator

This title has a dubbing directed by Enrique Cervantes and a cast made up of:

  • Melissa Hernandez like moe
    Alfredo Tovar as Professor Saikawa
    Alex Delint as Dr. Shiki Magata
    Andres Garcia like Seiji
    Jorge Roig like swam

Suhei Saikawa, a member of the Saikawa Research Laboratory, organizes a group vacation where he meets Moe Nishinonoso. Together they discover a corpse and must solve the mystery. “Perfect Infiltrator”

will be released on June 28th.

My Big Boss

The first H ad of the day will premiere with a dubbing directed by Hector Mena and a cast made up of:

  • Dolores Mondragon like watase
    Ricardo Rocha like sudou
    Ferso Velazquez like Narita
    Sandra Olarra like suzuki

The story centers on Saki Watase, an office worker who takes a part-time job as a product tester and receives an XL-sized condom as her first product.

The erotic series will arrive on June 24 to the platform.


Incidentally, the platform announced a redubling for the series “Robotic;Notes“, directed by Enrique Cervantes and with the participation of:

  • Blue Valadez as Aki Senomiya
    Uraz Huerta as Kai Yashio
    Alma Juarez as Sister Misaki
    Rosalinda Marquez as Employee Mizuka Irie

The story follows Kaito Yashio, a third-year high school student and member of the robotics research club. Kaito not only has an interest in robotics, but is also passionate about fighting games, standing out as one of the top five players in all of Japan.

The series will premiere one episode weekly starting on June 21.

Adults don’t know how to love

This second H ad will arrive with a dubbing directed by Hector Ireta and with a cast made up of:

Mio Sudou, an office worker who hasn’t had a boyfriend in five years, meets Shuji Majima at a matchmaking party. Although she initially finds him disgusting, a provocative comment takes the situation in an unexpected direction.

This H will arrive on June 14th.


The sports anime arrives with a dubbing under the direction of Andres Garcia. The cast includes:

  • Sammir Hernandez like sho
    Ethien Desco like Mizuno
    Ivett Toriz as Katori
    Cynthia Chong like Yuki
    Santini Brandon like Takai

The story follows Sho Kazamatsuri, a talented soccer player who dreams of being the best with his teammates.

The series will premiere on 5th June.

Princess Medusa

Another of the surprises of Anime Onegai is the doubling of “Princess Medusa“, directed by Carlos Ramos and with the participation of:

  • Valeria Erives like Tsukimi
    Javier Olguin as Kuranosuke
    April Ramos like Chieko
    Maria Garcia like Mayaya
    Nycolle Gonzalez like banba
    Cynthia Chong like jiji

Tsukimi Kurashita, a girl passionate about jellyfish, lives in an apartment where only otaku girls reside. One day, an elegant and well-groomed girl rescues her beloved jellyfish, Clara.

The series will premiere on 3 of June.

Strawberry Panic

The following announcement comes with a dubbing directed by Dolores Mondragon. The cast includes:

  • Jennifer Medel like Nagisa
    Andrea Orozco like Shizuma
    Pamela Mendoza like size
    Gaby Servin like Rokujo

The story is about the lives of teenage girls in three schools that share a campus, and the loving feelings that arise between them. It all begins with the arrival of new student Aoi Nagisa, who quickly becomes the center of attention.

The series will premiere with its first four episodes on the 1st of June.

Additionally, the platform has acquired “Ririsa A Girl In 2.5D (2.5 Dimensional Seduction)” for simulcast with Japan, including dubbing and subtitles.

These are the news that Anime Onegai has prepared for this month. Which of these series are you most looking forward to watching?

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