ABC Animation Registers As A Full Time Member Of Japanese Animation Association

ABC Animation Registers As A Full Time Member Of Japanese Animation Association

September 27, 2022

The official website of Japan Animation Association announced on September 26, 2022 that ABC Animation Inc. will join it as a full time regular member.

With the addition of ABC Animation, the association has 38 regular members and 50 associate members, total 88 companies.

ABC Animation is an animation production company of the Asahi Broadcasting Corp. group. It is involved in planning, production, investment, overseas program sales and license management in the field of anime.

ABC Animation also established ABC Animation Studio for CG animation production in 2021. It has also embarked on production. As the animation business is fully expanding, it seems to aim to join Japan Animation Association and to show its presence in the animation industry.

Japan Animation Association started in May 2002 with 20 companies including animation production companies for the purpose of cooperation and development of domestic animation industry. It is currently engaged in gathering opinions in the industry, fostering human resources and conducting surveys and research projects.

Asahi Hoso Group, has been actively investing in animation business in recent years, and has acquired SILVER LINK, a mid-sized 2D animation studio, and DLE, a short animation production and character licensing company, as its subsidiaries.

Source: Animation Business Info

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