Adult Swim confirmed the premiere date for the sixth season of Rick and Morty

Adult Swim confirmed the premiere date for the sixth season of Rick and Morty

July 28, 2022

Through a press release, adult swimvia hbo maxconfirmed that the sixth season of this great comedy series will hit the platform next Sunday September 4. The series is one of the most successful adult animations in history being two time award winner Emmy®.

“It’s hard to express the impact of Rick and Morty. More than a hit show, it’s truly a global phenomenon,” he said. Michael OuwelenPresident of adult swim Y cartoon Network. “As we prepare to launch this upcoming season, we’ll be giving fans a unique way to be a part of the fun, so keep your eyes peeled.”

Let us remember that the series is currently in Netflix but it will be removed from the platform next August 12.

Let us remember that the series has its Latin dubbing, work that was done in Venezuela and in the cast we have:

  • Juan Guzman What Rick Sanchez.
  • Eder the Barrier What Morty Smith.
  • Liliana Chacon What Summer Smith.
  • Rebekah Aponte What Beth Smith.
  • Hector Indriago What Jerry Smith.

Synopsis for Rick and Morty

Rick Sanchez is an example of a typical “mad scientist.” He is irresponsible, alcoholic, a genius, selfish, a bit depressed, and clearly insane. Rick for different reasons ends up moving to his daughter Beth’s house and at that moment he meets her grandson, who is called Morty. Without paying much attention to him, he decides to force him to make him his partner in all kinds of adventures so that the boy develops an intelligence like his and doesn’t end up like his father, his Jerry, a complete idiot. Thus, grandfather and grandson begin to live interdimensional adventures all thanks to a device that Rick has that allows him to access infinite dimensions, despite the opposition of the family.

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