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Best Boy Character Ranking: Fall 2023 Anime Season




Another anime season is behind us, as the fall of 2023 comes to an end, and as always, it’s time to see who our favorite boy male character was! Although last time the Best Boy category of Anime Corner polls had more votes than the Best Girl one, this time that wasn’t the case. Still, over 30,000 people voted and cast their votes for their favorites and it’s time to see if they made a good choice!

Top 10 Best Boy of the Season | Fall 2023

Unsurprisingly, Stark’s preciousness landed him the top spot, right in front of the beloved Nanamin from Jujutsu Kaisen. Akira Tendo only returned for three episodes in the Fall 2023 season (because of Zom 100 delays) but that was enough to secure third place in this Best Boy poll. Yuji hasn’t had an easy time this time around but it seems like fans appreciated it. Himmel, who managed to beat Frieren herself in character popularity polls in Japan, is fifth on Anime Corner’s polls.

Rank Title Votes
1st Stark 8.81%
2nd Kento Nanami 6.66%
3rd Akira Tendo 6.39%
4th Yuji Itadori 6.13%
5th Himmel 4.55%
6th Cid Kageno 4.38%
7th Eren Yeager 4.35%
8th Loid Forger 4.13%
9th Aoi Todo 3.76%
10th Jinshi 3.40%
11th Naofumi Iwatani 2.89%
12th Senku Ishigami 2.86%
13th Rentaro Aijo 2.19%
14th Dali 1.79%
15th Desir Arman 1.77%
16th Hayato Yuzuki 1.75%
17th Levi Ackerman 1.71%
18th Gen Asagiri 1.57%
19th Goblin Slayer 1.53%
20th Andy 1.49%
21st Sunraku 1.42%
22nd Ryusui Nanami 1.39%
23rd Takemichi Hanagaki 1.36%
24th Ragna 1.34%
25th Ron Kamonohashi 1.27%
26th Allen Crawford 1.16%
27th Izana Kurokawa 1.08%
28th Adonis 1.08%
29th Crimson 0.93%
30th Yusei Shirosaki 0.87%
31st Corpse God 0.82%
32nd Ryuto Kashima 0.82%
33rd Kenshin Himura 0.79%
34th Kenichiro Ryuzaki 0.78%
35th Fate Graphite 0.74%
36th Gakuto Yuzuki 0.69%
37th Naoya Mukai 0.65%
38th Albert Hawks 0.64%
39th Totomaru Isshiki 0.6%
40th Leonis Death Magnus 0.56%
41st Greed 0.54%
42nd Kentaro Momose 0.54%
43rd Gesicht 0.53%
44th Migi 0.53%
45th Mikoto Yuzuki 0.51%
46th Minato Yuzuki 0.45%
47th Keiya Uto 0.43%
48th Belgrieve 0.43%
49th Pig 0.42%
50th Atom 0.41%
51st William G. ‘Will’ Maryblood 0.4%
52nd Scott Pilgrim 0.37%
53rd Wallace Wells 0.32%
54th Earth 0.3%
55th Haruka Asahina 0.3%
56th Kanata Katagiri 0.3%
57th Meneldor 0.27%
58th Pram Schneider 0.27%
59th Percival 0.24%
60th Mamoru Rokuta 0.22%
61st Kuro Kumogakure 0.17%
62nd Taichiro Arima 0.15%
63rd Daigo Toake 0.13%
64th Shun Tokinoya 0.12%
65th Nasiens 0.12%
66th Shun Onoda 0.1%
67th Asuma Arima 0.08%
68th Koji Tajima 0.07%
69th Kojiro Arima 0.07%
70th Goro Ono 0.07%

Featured image:
Jujutsu Kaisen, © Gege Akutami/Shueisha/JUJUTSU KAISEN Project
Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End, © Yamada Kanehito, Abe Tsukasa /Shogakukan / “Sousou no Frieren” Production Committee
Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead, © Haro Aso, Kotaro Takata, Shogakukan / Zom100 Project

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