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Blue Lock: The Movie -Nagi Episode- receives release date in Latin America




Following the round of premieres promised by Sony Pictures and Crunchyrollthis week the release date of Blue Lock: The Movie -Nagi Episode-the first film in the successful football series Blue Lockwhich serves as a secondary story, following the fan-favorite character: Nagi Seishiro.

The official schedule indicates that the film will arrive in theaters this June 27 Mexico, Argentina, Bolivia, Central America, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuelawhile Chili the only country that will receive its premiere two weeks later, with its date set for July 11.

What does it consist of? Blue Lock: The Movie -Nagi Episode-?

The film is directed by Shunsuke Ishikawaunder an original story by the manga writer Muneyuki Kaneshiro. The composition and script were done by Taku Kishimotowith music by Jun Murayama. The study commissioned has been 8-Bit.

Synopsis: “What a bummer.” That was the favorite phrase of Nagi Seishiro, a second-year high school student, in her daily life. That was until Mikage Reo, a classmate who dreamed of winning the World Cup discovered Nagi’s hidden ability and encouraged him to play soccer and share his extraordinary talent. One day he receives an invitation to the mysterious BLUE LOCK Project. There he meets the best forwards in the country. Nagi’s dream of becoming the best, along with Reo, will take this prodigy to a world he has never known. A prodigy can only be forged when someone discovers it…. Now, striker Nagi Seishiro’s incredible talent and personality will set the football world on fire.

What is Blue Lock about?

Based on the manga of the same name, written by Muneyuki Kaneshiro and illustrated by Yusuke Nomurathis football story already has more than 30 million copies in circulation.

The series follows the dreams of a group of high school students who aspire to become the best striker and lead the Japan men’s national team to win the upcoming World Cup tournament. If they are eliminated from BLUE LOCK, they will never be able to play for the national team and their career will be over. Only he whose ego and ability triumph over others will be able to reach the top.

The work had an anime adaptation that premiered in October 2022, being one of the most popular series during its season, and is available on Crunchyroll.

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