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Cells at Work confirmed its live-action adaptation




Warner Bros. Japan has revealed the first trailer for Cells at Worklive-action adaptation of the homonymous manga created by Akane Shimizu. The film will be released in Japanese theaters in December of this year.

Production team:

  • Hideki Takeuchi directs the project.
  • Yuuichi Tokunaga is in charge of writing and supervising the scripts.

Cells at Work! is a manga written and drawn by Akane Shimizu and its first publication took place in January 2015 through the magazine Monthly Shonen Sirius from the publisher Kodansha.

The manga has an anime adaptation that has a season of 13 chapters and another of just 8, both under the production of the studios. David Production and we can currently enjoy it on Netflix and Crunchyroll. At the moment, the series does not have a Latin dubbing.

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Synopsis of Cells at Work:

The plot takes place inside an adult human body, where we will be guided by a red blood cell called AE3803 and a white blood cell called U-1, learning about the daily life and activities of these cells in anthropomorphic forms, fighting against all evils. that may affect health.

Fountain: Anime News Network.

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