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Crunchyroll Anime Awards’ Megan Thee Stallion Cosplays as JJK’s Gojo Satoru




Ahead of the Crunchyroll Anime Awards, presenter Megan Thee Stallion showed off her Gojo fit from JJK, nominated as best supporting character.

Hip-hop artist Megan Thee Stallion prepared for the 2024 Crunchyroll Anime Awards by transforming herself into Satoru Gojo from Jujutsu Kaisen.

Stallion announced her arrival in Japan on Instagram by cosplaying as the fan-favorite Jujutsu Sorcerer. “We made it to Japan,” Stallion said while wearing her chic rendition of Gojo’s uniform. Stallion’s costume is reminiscent of Gojo’s dark blue zip-up jacket but stitched in leather with the midriff exposed. Her long, dark-colored hair is dyed white, and just like the Jujutsu instructor himself, Stallion is seen covering her eyes with a blindfold or, in other images, a pair of fashionable glasses.


Jujutsu Kaisen Fans Ignore Season 3 Wait According to New U.S. Manga Sales Data

U.S. manga sales data for Jujutsu Kaisen indicates that fans aren’t waiting for a return of the anime, as the series’ sales showcase a clear pattern.

While Stallion was one of the presenters for the 2024 Crunchyroll Anime Awards, anime fans are likely to forgive the Houston, Texas rapper for proudly displaying her love of Jujutsu Kaisen, especially since it was the anime fans themselves who decided who took home the win in over 30 categories. Anime of the Year, Best Continuing Series and Best Animation were just some of the categories Jujutsu Kaisen has been nominated for. Other strong contenders for the gold included Chainsaw Man, Oshi no Ko, Attack on Titan, Spy x Family and Suzume., with the winner announced via a global livestream from Tokyo on YouTube and Twitch on Saturday, March 2 beginning at 6 p.m. JST.

Megan Thee Stallion Is Well Known for Her Anime Fandom

Stallion has never held back on her public affection for anime. Last Halloween, she transformed herself into Death the Kid from Soul Eater. She has also previously dressed up as Rumi “Mirko” Usagiyama from My Hero Academia. An assistant artist on the Shonen Jump series was so blown away by Stallion’s resemblance to the rabbit-themed hero that he used her as a reference model for his Mirko fan art.


Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 Production Issues Mocked by Veteran Animator

Jujutsu Kaisen and veteran animator Shinsaku Kozuma gives a coy response to the notorious production situation at MAPPA during Season 2.

Crunchyroll is the streaming home of anime series like Jujutsu Kaisen, My Hero Academia and Spy x Family. The anime streaming giant will also handle the simulcast release of Kaiju No. 8 during the upcoming Spring 2024 anime season.

The cast pose together on the Jujutsu Kaisen Anime Poster

Jujutsu Kaisen

A boy swallows a cursed talisman – the finger of a demon – and becomes cursed himself. He enters a shaman’s school to be able to locate the demon’s other body parts and thus exorcise himself.

Release Date
October 2, 2020

Junya Enoki , Yuma Uchida , Yuichi Nakamura , Adam McArthur , Asami Seto



Gege Akutami

Main Characters
Yuji Itadori, Satoru Gojo, Ryomen Sukuna

Production Company
Mappa, TOHO animation

Number of Episodes
47 Episodes

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