Crunchyroll confirmed its simuldubs for this Summer-2022 season

Crunchyroll confirmed its simuldubs for this Summer-2022 season

June 22, 2022

New dubs! Crunchyroll confirmed a series of simuldubs that will arrive on its platform during the next season of Summer-2022these are:

Classroom of the Elite

Synopsis: Classroom of the Elite returns and Class D students enter the Special Trial Cruise Arc!

The Maid I Hired Recently is Mysterious

Synopsis: Following the arrival of a new maid to care for an orphan, questions arise about her mysterious presence.

Lycoris Recoil

Synopsis: In a coffee shop in downtown Tokyo, a group of girls help anyone who passes by solve their problems.

Orient (2nd season)

Synopsis: The fierce battles of the bushi gangs move to the island of Awaji with the new episodes of ORIENT!


Synopsis: Kazuya’s relationship with Chizuru hits new stumbling blocks with the return of Rent-A-Girlfriend and its new season!

The Devil is a Part-Timer!

Synopsis: Sadao Maou is back for more shifts, though now he has to take care of a little girl born from a golden apple!


Synopsis: Kate and Emilico encounter more ghosts in the Shadow House as they discover more of the mysterious being called “Robe”.

As I told you, all these simuldubs will hit the orange platform during the summer season, the release dates will be confirmed soon.

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