Crunchyroll Expo will present the first New Crunchy City Music Fest with the participation of J-Pop stars

Crunchyroll Expo will present the first New Crunchy City Music Fest with the participation of J-Pop stars

June 3, 2022

The present day Crunchyroll unveiled its new music-themed convention, NEW CRUNCHY CITY MUSIC FEST. A musical event that will take place as part of Crunchyroll Expo.

This year’s edition of Crunchyroll Expo will take place in person and virtually at the same time, where it will run from the 5th to the 7th of August, with an additional digital replay available until August 9. In person, fans will be transported to New Crunchy City Fest, a bustling anime metropolis made up of four distinct districts: the Central Business District with anime merchandise, event-exclusive merchandise, promotional materials, and more; the Arts District, home to nearly 150 artists; the Cinema District featuring anime premieres and screenings, and the Super Arcade featuring Club Yuzu, the place to play, rave and access more unique programming.

The first edition of New Crunchy City Music Fest will provide fans with three days of music and performances from national and international artists, including the progressive J-Pop group ATARASHII GAKKO!, and more to be announced soon.

For the sixth edition of this year’s expo, the team at Crunchyroll is very excited to present to fans around the globe New Crunchy City Music Fest, a convention that will allow them to enjoy the music that energizes their lives and their favorite series”. This new convention by the orange streaming service will provide attendees Crunchyroll Expo three days packed with presentations. Every day fans will be able to enjoy a concert by a headline artist, alongside a mix of local and international singers. Select acts from the music festival will be available via streaming and/or VOD, with more details to be shared soon. access to New Crunchy City Music Fest is free with Crunchyroll Expo admission.

Crunchyroll Expo is the annual celebration of everything related to the world of anime promoted by the company of the waifu Hime. As well as celebrating the best and brightest in Japanese animation and pop culture, featuring unique panels, exclusive merchandise and world premieres.

Atarashi Gakko! (“new school” in Japanese) are a group made up of four young women who are redefining what it means to be an all-female band. dressed in uniforms sailor-fuku style worn by Japanese students in the 70s and 80s, with long skirts and knee-high socks. Their aggressive and expressive movements, which they choreograph themselves, are a mix of the energy of Japanese Butoh Dance, heavy metal headbanging and street hip-hop. Musically, AG! It brings together elements of modern J-Pop, Showa-era kayokyoku, rap, punk, and dance music, but it would be useless to try to categorize them into any one genre.

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