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Detective Conan Author Gosho Aoyama’s Yaiba Manga Gets New Anime Adaptation




Gosho Aoyama’s shonen manga Yaiba is getting a brand new anime adaptation. This was revealed in the 24th issue of Shogakukan’s Weekly Shonen Sunday magazine.

An announcement trailer and a visual illustrated by Gosho Aoyama were revealed to commemorate the big news.

The new Yaiba anime will be fully supervised by Aoyama himself. No further details regarding the studio or the staff involved have been revealed yet.

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Moreover, the magazine also featured a special message from the mangaka, stating, “Whether you know Yaiba or not, please watch it! It’s amazing!!!

Yaiba is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Gosho Aoyama. It was serialized in Shogakukan’s shonen manga magazine Weekly Shonen Sunday from September 1988 to December 1993, with its chapters collected in twenty-four tankobon volumes.

An 52-episode anime television series covered up to the Kaguya Arc entitled Kenyu Densetsu Yaiba, produced by Pastel, aired on TV Tokyo from April 9, 1993, to April 1, 1994.

MAL describes the plot of Yaiba as:

The light-hearted manga is about an adventuring samurai named Kurogane Yaiba who knows how to be a samurai, and little else. Yaiba lives with his father, Kenjurou, in the forest. One day, while Yaiba was eating, a troop of gorillas came to attack. Yaiba and his father escaped and hid inside a box, but they didn’t know that the box was full of pineapples and was going to be transported into the city. In the city, Yaiba finds out that he is a legendary warrior and has to fight the evil of a demonic looking high-school student named Takeshi.

The people that Yaiba meets along his journey to become a true samurai encourage him, train him, or inspire him to greatness, though at heart he is still a child, and his incredible skill with a sword is matched only by his kindness towards his friends. Though, he tends to leap before he looks, and his thick-headedness tends to turn potential allies into enemies, though his friends soon clobber him, and salvage the situation. This unlikely group embarks on a host of incredible adventures where they meet legendary figures from Japanese history, and finally overcome impossible odds, and put everything on the line, to save the entire planet from a threat not of this world.

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It’s a story of love, friendship, hard work, and never giving up.

Source: Comic Natalie, Official Website

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