ETC TV programs new chapters of One Piece & Fairy Tail, the return of Dragon Ball GT and other anime for March

ETC TV programs new chapters of One Piece & Fairy Tail, the return of Dragon Ball GT and other anime for March

March 12, 2023

ETC TV is preparing a strong modification to its schedule for 2023. A few days ago, the renowned Chilean signal Mega announced its proposal for next month, loaded with new stories, and series that return after a long time. Being the most relevant, for example unpublished episodes of Fairy Tail and of one piece.

The anime licensed by Artworks, which will premiere its episodes 49 to 72, with their respective Latin dubbing. While on the pirate side we have the premiere of the “Saga 7” of Fishman Island, between episodes 517 to 574, subtitled. These 2 titles will premiere on March 6 at 7:00 PM chile time.

Likewise, for the month of Women’s Day, several classic titles will be added to the programming, the most prominent being Dragon Ball GT. The third series of the Goku Franchise will be back at 8:30 p.m., to the delight of fans of the legendary work of Akira Toriyama. Other returns that will set the tone in the Chilean channel are those of Kinnikuman, the muscle manand Cloud, the master of hellboth series return to Chilean television after 18 years, in both cases.

kinnikuman, which will be broadcast at 5:30 p.m., is a humorous series that narrates the adventures of a bizarre superhero and prince from the planet Muscle. Initially, Kinnikuman is in charge of fighting the monsters that invade Earth when everyone else superheroes are busy. As the story progresses, the plot focuses exclusively on wrestling deathmatches between superheroes and villains, until finally Suguru proves worthy of inheriting his father’s throne.

That same date arrives Cloud, the anime that tells the stories of Meisuke Nueno, a Dohmori elementary school teacher who has the ability to exorcise demons and spirits thanks to the power of a powerful demon that he enclosed in his left hand, which he always covers with a black glove. Its premiere is scheduled for 18:30.

At the moment it is unknown if both titles licensed by Toei Animation will come with dubbing or subtitles in Spanish. Because when both were broadcast from the year 2000, they were dubbed and broadcast with a license from the extinct Cloverway. They will probably come with remastered versions by Toei, but the question will be if we will hear the voice of the Chilean Jorge Araneda as Kinnikuman or the remembered Jesús Barrero in the role of Nube. Also remember that the dubbing of the muscle man is incomplete, 52 of 137.

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