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Everything about the arrival of Ninja Kamui on Adult Swim and HBO Max




The Ninja Kamui anime is already in position so that you can watch its first 2 chapters through HBO Max from the beginning of February as well as being broadcast through the Adult Swim signal for Latin America since last April 18. This being his first original anime for his beloved Toonami block.

Just a few days before the anticipated premiere of Ninja Kamui through the Adult Swim signal, The HBO Max service surprisingly placed the option with Latin dubbing of the first chapter. Based on the dubbing credits of said chapter, this project was carried out by the Spanish localization production company. DAT Dubbing Audio Translation, under the direction of Héctor Ireta de Alba and with the translation by José Juan Fogarty. Although this anime was dubbed in Mexico, curiously Warner Bros Discovery left the production of the series in the hands of the Venezuelan studio Etcetera Group. This studio decided to hand over the dubbing to the DAT Dubbing Audio Translation studio in Mexico, thanks to the great alliance they share. both companies for years. A similar case also happened with the Brazilian Portuguese dubbing of this anime.

Among the main voices of the first two episodes, the cast is made up of:

  • Juan Manuel Diaz as the protagonist Joe Higan/Logan
  • Rodolfo Navarro as Mike Morris
  • Monserrat Perez as Emma Samanda
  • Javier Flores as Joseph
  • Rafael Escalante as Zai
  • Carlos Second as Yamaji

It should be noted that since last Sunday, the series will be broadcast with a double episode starting at 9:50 p.m. MEX | 00:25hrs ARG-CHI via Toonami block. The reason for this change has not been explained by the aforementioned channel or by Warner Bros itself in any type of statement.

The Ninja Kamui anime is an original anime produced by the animation studio E&H Productions in collaboration with Sola Entertainment, while the direction is by Sunghoo Park, the same director of the first season of the Jujutsu Kaisen anime from the MAPPA studio.

Ninja Kamui Synopsis:

After escaping his clan and hiding out in rural America, former ninja Higan is ambushed by assassins who exact bloody retribution on him and his family for his betrayal. After the attack, Higan is once again known as Ninja Kamui to avenge his family and friends and sets out to destroy the same clan that created him.

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