Farming Life in Another World Episode 3 Review

Farming Life in Another World Episode 3 Review

January 21, 2023

Last episode we met Zabuton, a large spider. Once winter had ended the pups had grown & set out to find their own mates. Zabuton had children as well & we met a new face. With Ru, a vampire on the run, the village is increasing in size. What awaits us in this week’s episode?

An Angel Arrives

The episode starts out with Machio & Ru having woken up. Machio thinks back on things that Ru had helped him with. Such as lights & the fact that he had already found a salt vein without realizing it. The two of them then go to check on the orchards. As they are talking Zabuton sounds the alarm.

The two go to see what is going on. Only to find Tia in a similar predicament that Ru was in sometime prior. Ru confirms that Tia was the one that had been chasing her. Having returned to the hut, the three begin having a conversation. Tia introduces herself as an Angel. In this world angels are a warrior race & was once an object of worship for a time.

We come to find out that Ru has a large bounty placed on her head due to the damage she caused in town. Once they finish talking a bit about Ru’s past. Ru invites Tia to live with them.

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Coming & Going

Tia is given a tour of the crops. When introduced to Zabuton, she collapses. They then have her help out with harvesting. Once night falls they return to the hut for the night. Ru states that it is decided & now Tia is living with them.

As the days pass, Tia & Ru have been using magic to help out in some areas while harvesting crops as well. The pups now have pups of their own. Some of Zabuton’s children decided to leave. Tia also heads out for a few days.

When Tia returned, she had brought back seven others. Ria & six other high elves ask to be allowed to live with them. They have been wandering for years after their most of the tribe died do to human wars. They have been searching for a place to settle down & repopulate.

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Civilization Advancements

Having been accepted, they also collapsed when introduced to the dogs & Zabuton. Ria took the lead in constructing a new building for them to live in. Machio is jealous of how much better their skills are, but plans to make use of their technique. As the days go by the elves help out with harvesting. Machio talks with Ria about what he thought he knew about elves & is reprimanded.

Ria also offers to do some blacksmithing work for him. After making a furnace, they craft an item for Machio. He is astonished & happy to have such skilled people to advance the civilization of the village.

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Later having decided to call it for the day for harvesting the crops. Ria & another elf ask if it would be alright for them to use some wheat to make bread. Having gotten the okay, the girls proceed to make it. While eating the bread, Machio brings up a rather late question to Ru.

He inquires if anyone owns the land. To which she responds that the Demon King may have control over the land. Which makes Machio concerned, but Ru states that since he built the place without any support the land was his.

Later Ria, Tia & Ru talk about different things, but mostly about Machio. As they talk we learn that the dogs are inferno wolves & Zabuton is a demon spider. All the while Machio is wood carving in the hut. Given how he hasn’t progressed on the waterway. He thinks about asking Ria & the other elves about helping with it.

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My Thoughts on the Episode

Just another laidback slow paced episode. The relaxed pace made for an enjoyable view. It did answer a few questions while raising a couple more. Given that Ru has a bounty out on her. Who knows how long the peaceful & uneventful days will last. I don’t see it getting too much out of hand, mostly a ripple in the water.

Overall I’d likely give it a 5.4 out of 10. I wonder if we’ll be meeting anyone new in the next episode. See you all again for ‘Waterways Make Life Feel Complete’.

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