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Franky’s Slurred Speech In One Piece Anime Raises Concern Among Fans




One Piece anime fans have expressed concerns about the health of veteran voice actor Kazuki Yao following recent changes in his voice acting performance.

Yao, who has been the voice of Franky, for nearly 20 years, has reportedly been experiencing slurred speech in his latest portrayal of the character. This has sparked discussions on social media, with many expressing worry and offering well wishes.

The concerns stem following the premiere of the new Egghead Arc in One Piece. Fans noted a noticeable difference in Yao’s speech patterns during the episode that aired on Feb 14, 2024, particularly in a scene where Franky struggles to steer the ship in rough seas. Some viewers found his dialogue difficult to understand due to the slurring.

  • Yao-san’s (Franky) voice feels off.
  • Is Franky’s voice actor, Mr. Yao, at his limit…? His speech is clearly slurred…
  • Is Mr. Kazuki Yao’s voice okay? He spoke as if he had something stuck in his mouth.
  • Franky, or rather, Mr. Kazuki Yao’s acting is so shaky that I wonder if he’s okay.

Yao’s health has reportedly been a topic of quiet discussion among fans for some time, with some expressing concern about his weight loss over the past few years. Additionally, viewers noted a potential decline in his speech clarity in ONE PIECE FILM RED movie and also during his performance at certain parts of Wano arc.

Kazuki Yao is a Japanese voice actor, actor and narrator who is currently affiliated with Max Mix.

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