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Fullmetal Alchemist Scriptwriter Slams Rumors About Poor Treatment Of Author Hiromu Arakawa During Production




A recent Twitter exchange between two prominent figures in the anime industry has ignited debate over the production of the original Fullmetal Alchemist anime.

Manpuku Jinja, known for his work on the Touhou anime series, and FMA scriptwriter Sho Aikawa exchanged a series of tweets, stirring controversy regarding the treatment of original manga author Hiromu Arakawa during the production of the anime.

It all began when Manpuku Jinja shared a post on X, claiming that script meetings for the anime adaptation of Fullmetal Alchemist reportedly included the original author, and during one of these meetings, a scriptwriter allegedly told the author that amateurs should keep quiet.

I’ve heard that for the anime adaptation of ‘Fullmetal Alchemist’ (the original version), the script meetings actually included the original author. However, during one of these meetings, a scriptwriter reportedly told the author, ‘Amateurs should keep quiet.’ That’s horrifying. At that time, it was common for anime adaptations to change the original story, and the quality of the ‘Fullmetal Alchemist’ anime was quite good (though a later adaptation was made that stayed faithful to the original manga).

Responding to Jinja, Sho Aikawa denied the alleged incident. He stated he’d met with Arakawa for pre-production discussions but doesn’t believe the author participated in script meetings.

Aikawa further challenged Manpuku Jinja to provide details about the alleged incident, suggesting the claim could be defamatory.

Although I have had prior discussions with the original author, I don’t think they’ve ever attended a script meeting. However, considering that those involved in scriptwriting and production include this information in their profiles, I can’t imagine they would broadcast such uncertain claims that could amount to defamation to the whole world. So please let me know when exactly this happened.

Manpuku Jinja responded that they had heard this story from someone who was involved in the production. However, they agreed to delete their tweet, as Aikawa denied the claims made.

Following the deletion of the tweet, Sho Aikawa speculated that it might have been an apology from Manpuku Jinja. Aikawa expressed willingness to overlook future comments made in spaces where they wouldn’t be seen but indicated a potential investigation into individuals who spread false information.

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