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Gachiakuta will premiere an anime adaptation produced by BONES




The anime studio BONES announced this Thursday that it is producing an anime adaptation of Gachiakutabased on the natural fantasy action manga by Kei Uranawhich will premiere in 2025. The official website of the anime has presented a first teaser:

On the other hand, a visual “kick-off” was also revealed:

Kei Urana also drew the following illustration to celebrate the announcement:

Fumihiko Suganuma (unit director The First Slam Dunkchief episode director of Train to the End of the World) directs the anime in BONES. Hiroshi Seko (Chainsaw Man, Vinland Saga, Mob Psycho 100) is in charge of the scripts for the series. Satoshi Ishino (Go Live, Captain Earth) designs the characters and is the chief animation director.

The staff from BONES, Avex Pictures, and Kodansha will present a panel with more details on the anime at next month’s Anime Expo.

What does it consist of? Gachiakuta?

Synopsis: Rudo lives in the slums of a floating city, where the poor get by under the shadow of the rich, who lead a sumptuous life, limiting themselves to throwing their garbage over the side, into the abyss. One day, he is falsely accused of murder, and his unjust conviction leads to an unimaginable punishment: exile along the shore, with the rest of the trash. If Rudo is to have any hope of discovering the truth and taking revenge on those who threw him into Hell, he will have to master a new power and join a group known as the Cleaners, who fight the enormous beasts of the Pit.

Urana launched the manga in the magazine Weekly Shōnen Magazine of Kodansha in February 2022. Hideyoshi Ando He is credited for graffiti design. Kodansha will soon release the eleventh volume on June 17.

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