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Himmel From Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End Inspires An Act Of Bravery During A Stabbing Incident In Taiwan




In the wake of a random stabbing incident on the Taichung Metro on May 21, the Taichung City Government honored 17 citizens on June 4, 2024, for their bravery in confronting the attacker.

Taichung Mayor expressed deep gratitude to all the honorees, stating, “These individuals showed incredible courage and selflessness. Their actions prevented further harm and showcased the best of our community.

Among the honored ones is a man named Xu Ruixian, who credited his act of bravery to Himmel from Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End. Quoting a line from the anime, he said, “It’s what Himmel the hero would have done“.

Xu explained that this motto has been a guiding principle for him, encouraging him to act courageously. He stated that if time were to go back, he would make the same choice again.

Xu, moreover, stood out at the ceremony, not just for his bravery but also for his attire. Donning a jacket from the popular Japanese video game Monster Hunter, he declared himself an otaku.

Otaku are not as bad as everyone imagines. Don’t stereotype us,” he stated, referencing the stigma that had grown since the Zheng Jie incident a decade ago. “Today, I wear something familiar to fellow fans, a symbol of something positive we share.

In addition, Xu Ruixian also wore the canvas shoes he was wearing at the time of the incident, which still had blood stains on them. He said that the blood stains on the shoes couldn’t be wiped off, but the shoes were still comfortable to wear, so he didn’t clean them specially.

Source: China Times

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