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Kadokawa Acquires Oshi No Ko’s Anime Studio Doga Kobo




Kadokawa Corporation has announced its acquisition of animation studio Doga Kobo on July 11, 2024.

Doga Kobo, known for titles like Oshi No Ko, YuruYuri, Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun, among others, will become a subsidiary of Kadokawa.

Kadokawa’s acquisition of Doga Kobo comes as part of its medium-term management plan aimed at promoting “Global Media Mix with Technology” by the fiscal year ending March 2028.

This strategy focuses on the stable creation and global expansion of diverse intellectual properties (IPs).

Central to this strategy is the anime business, which Kadokawa plans to enhance by expanding production lines and bolstering production capabilities. The goal is to consistently produce engaging anime works and maximize the value of IP centered on anime.

By integrating Doga Kobo into its group, Kadokawa aims to enhance its production structure. This integration will see Doga Kobo collaborating with five other Kadokawa group studios: ENGI Inc., Studio KADAN Inc., Raging Bull Inc., Vernox Films Inc., and Kinema Citrus Co., Ltd.

This collaborative effort is expected to strengthen Kadokawa’s ability to create anime works that resonate with global audiences.

We are deeply honored to welcome Doga Kobo, an anime studio loved worldwide with over 50 years of history, into our group,” said Takeshi Kikuchi, Chief Anime Officer (CAO) of Kadokawa. “By further enhancing the collaboration between the two companies, we will create more attractive, exciting works that leave a lasting impression on audiences around the world.

Ryuu Ishiguro, Representative Director of Doga Kobo, also expressed optimism about the acquisition, stating, “As we approach our 51st year since establishment, we have worked with many production companies, specialized companies, and manufacturers to create works. KADOKAWA has been a good partner in making works together and a good understanding company. We will create an environment where Doga Kobo can continue to produce works with even more enthusiasm than before, and we will strive to release better works in the future. We ask for your continued support.

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