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Kaiju No. 8 Reveals New Trailer and Release Date




Toho Animation has released a new trailer and release date for Kaiju No. 8, which anime streaming platform Crunchyroll is set to simulcast.

Per Crunchyroll, Kaiju No. 8 will receive a simulcast airing by the anime streaming giant on April 13. Kaiju No. 8 will also be the first anime series to stream on the social media website X (formerly Twitter). Coinciding with the air date announcement, Toho Animation uploaded a new trailer of its animated adaptation of the Shonen Jump series by Naoya Matsumoto showcasing the monster-populated state of Japan.


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The series follows Kafka Hibino, a 32-year-old has-been, who once dreamed of joining the Anti-Kaiju Defense Force with his childhood friend Mina Ashiro but now works as part of a clean-up crew for monster disasters. However, after digesting a small kaiju, Kafka gains the ability to become a giant monster himself. With this newfound power, Kafka is finally able to work alongside Mina, who is now the captain of the Defense Force’s Third Division, but must keep his monstrous side a secret.

Kaiju No. 8 Will Feature Music By U.S. and English Artists

In addition to the new trailer and release date, Kaiju No. 8 revealed the musical artists involved in the anime’s opening and ending themes. The opening theme song, “Abyss,” will be performed by English singer and songwriter YUNGBLUD, while the closing theme, “Nobody,” will be performed by American pop rock band OneRepublic. Teasers for both songs are currently available on YouTube shorts. Both artists also shared a special message with fans of Kaiju No. 8 via X (formerly Twitter).


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Series creator Matsumoto has cited Shin Godzilla, the dramatic revival of the classic Godzilla series that paved the way for the critically acclaimed Godzilla Minus One, as an inspiration for Kaiju No. 8. Studio Khara, the production studio of Shin Godzilla director Hideaki Anno, is supervising the anime’s artwork and kaiju designs. Despite the promising contribution by the creator of Neon Genesis Evangelion, fans of Kaiju. No. 8 have been mixed about the anime’s art style since its initial teaser.

The Cast of Kaiju No. 8 Stand Together

Kaiju No. 8

Kafka Hibino merges with a kaiju and gains powers, leading him to attempt his childhood dream in Kaiju No. 8.

Release Date

Fairouz Ai , Wataru Katou , Masaya Fukunishi

Production I.G.

Main Cast
Masaya Fukunishi, Fairouz Ai, Wataru Katou

Source: TOHO Animation via YouTube, Crunchyroll

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