Koharu Biyori’s Dubbing Coming to Anime Onegai

Koharu Biyori’s Dubbing Coming to Anime Onegai

July 1, 2022

One after another! the girl of Anime Onegai again brings us the announcement of a new arrival for its catalog, this time it is the Latin dubbing of the OVA Koharu Biyoriwhich will arrive at onegai channel the next Thursday 7 of July at 4:00 p.m. and to the 6pm to the platform the news was as usual announced during its usual live of “little gossip” of Thursdays.

Thus, said dubbing comes under the direction of the talented David Allende and among the cast that is in charge of giving life to the characters we find the voices of:

  • Diego Becerril like Murase.
  • Polly Huerta like Yui.
  • Valeria Moron like Minori.
  • lilian candle like Sakuya.
  • Ximena Fragoso like Kuon.
  • Sheva Infante like Ran.
  • ellie red like Sumire.
  • Bonnie Miller like Ayumi.
  • jehel morga like Kanae.
  • Adriana Casas like Tencho.

That said, it should be noted that OVA was produced by the studios Geneon Entertainmentunder the direction of Takayuki Inagakiwith dashes of Takashi Aōshimacharacter design Keiaki Okuma and music from Tsuyoshi Watanabe. Also, it should be noted that this was issued from the October 15, 2007 to the March 10, 2008.

Also, it should be noted that Koharubi Yori It’s a manga work Takehito Mizuki. It was serialized in the magazine Dengeki Moeou from the publisher MediaWorks. All seven volumes of the book have been published.

Finally, it is also worth mentioning that this is already available on the platform in Japanese subtitled format with a total of 3 episodes.

Editor’s note: Pure craving is coming my dear xD!

Koharu Biyori:

In a futuristic Japan where robots can carry out different activities, Takaya Murase meets Yui, a young robot designed to serve as a servant. Will she be able to fulfill the purpose for which she was created or will Takaya’s strange manias obstruct her path?

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