Let’s talk about: Anya’s dubbing in Spy x Family

Let’s talk about: Anya’s dubbing in Spy x Family

December 11, 2022

Personally I think that the series that got all the attention of the fans in this season was Chainsaw Mana series that recently had a small controversy with its dubbing, They have the summary of what happened here. But another anime that is premiering its second arc this season is Spy x Familythe adventures of the family most loved by all of us premieres its Latin dubbing every Saturday in crunchyroll and this week he managed to enter our top 10 of the Latin dubbing surveys after a long time.

In the midst of all this, some opinions about the series recently had a lot of impact, more specifically about the dubbing of our little girl. Anyamade by a very talented elizabethShe goesInfant. Some fans expressed dissatisfaction on twitter regarding the characterization of the character.

Personally I think that the tweet that started everything was this one that we see below, in the responses we have all kinds of opinions.

  • “In Japanese, you also mispronounce words, you just don’t realize it because, surprise, you’re not Japanese”
  • “I don’t know if that’s how he speaks in Japanese, but my God, his voice in this dubbing contrasts so much with that of his peers of the same age, I find it irritating.”
  • “Wasn’t Anya 4 years old? Because if she is… I don’t really understand the complaint. I mean, most little kids talk really bad when they throw a tantrum.”
  • “The problem is that Anya doesn’t know how to pronounce some words but when she speaks normally if she is understood, here they exaggerated it to the point that she sounds like an idiot and that they justify it with the fact that she is 4-5 or 6 years old is an excuse for not accepting which is wrong.”
  • “Otaku discovers that a child of about 4 years old does not have perfect diction or speak in a ‘kawai’ way”
  • “It seems like a good characterization to me since in Japanese he also speaks like that.”
  • “The only thing that bothers me is that Anya is the only one with that voice, literally out of all of her classmates that are 2 years older than her, they sound like teenagers.”
  • “He’s four years old, it’s logical that he talks like that, in the Japanese version you don’t notice it because you don’t know Japanese, and finally it’s a tantrum, it must be irritating.”

The issue escalated so much that even the talented Majo Montesinos gave her opinion on the subject on twitter, let’s remember that she is in charge of giving Anya a voice and life for our friends in Spain.

Spy x Family

Personally I don’t notice such a big change in Anya’s dubbing between the first and second season, I feel that the director, Karina AltamiranoY Sheva Infant They did a spectacular job adapting little Anya for our region. I remember that when the dubbing premiered a few months ago, we all loved her characterization and the acceptance was unanimous on social networks. I personally do not understand the rain of criticism now if the interpretation did not change from one season to another.

Another argument that is read on social networks is that Anya “does not have good diction and is not understood in her dialogues”, I do not agree with this at all since Anya is perfectly understood when expressing herself and continues to be so with that tone and that characteristic way that always, always, makes us smile.

I personally believe that the work that the entire Latino dubbing team of Spy x Family It is spectacular, from the director, the interpreters and the technical team. We also have to give an honorable mention to Cesia Estradawho did a spectacular job adding references to some dialogue in the series, all this added to the interpretation of Elizabeth Infante and the other actors, make it a very funny location that is always there to make us smile.

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