Lupine the 3rd celebrates its 50 years in anime with the issuance of 5 remastered films in Mexico

Lupine the 3rd celebrates its 50 years in anime with the issuance of 5 remastered films in Mexico

March 12, 2023

And then half a century passed! The iconic saga of Lupine the 3rd is celebrating its 50 years, and for that reason they will be presenting the 5 most iconic films of this wonderful franchise in CINEPOLIS. This event has been called Festival “Lupin the 3rd, 50 years in the history of Anime”‘ and it will be carried out from the day February 9, 2023. Besides, now you can buy your tickets here.

That being said, the films that will be screened are:

  • The Castle of Cagliostro (written and directed by the Master of Anime Hayao Miyazaki).

This film was the first work directed by the Master of Animation HAYAO MIYAZAKI.

Lupine and his friend Jigen have just successfully robbed the glamorous Monte Carlo Casino, unfortunately they realize that this money is fake and decide to go after the man responsible for it: Count Lazare of Cagliostro. During this great adventure they meet a girl in distress named Clarice, who is trying to escape from her, since they want to force her to marry her uncle, the Count of Cagliostro. This is a story of adventure and action, where Lupine will find the dark secret hidden in the depths of the Castle of Cagliostro where dreams become nightmares.

  • Mommy’s Secret (directed by Soji Yoshikawa).

Despite the coroner’s report, Interpol inspector Zenigata is skeptical and discovers that Lupine is really alive and stealing. But what is the real reason behind this farce?

Lupin, Jigen and Goemon immediately set out for Egypt to steal a strange stone with magical powers found inside one of the pyramids. Meanwhile the investigator Zenigata is on his heels. Lured by the promise of eternal youth from the sinister and enigmatic scientist known as Mamo, the beautiful Fujiko betrays Lupin and steals the stone from him.

  • Jigen’s grave (directed by Takeshi Koike).

Lupine and Jigen enter East Doroa to steal the secret jewel known as the “Little Comet”. East Doroa is a nation known for its low crime rates. However, the singer Reina Malta has been assassinated in neighboring Doroa del Oeste, sparking rumors of a possible war between the two nations. Lupine and Jigen successfully obtain the “Little Comet”, but as they try to escape, the police await them on their way.

Jigen, wounded, looks at the bullet, and discovers that it is the same one that killed Queen Malta. Later, they visit a cemetery, and find a tombstone with her name on it. There are rumors about a murderer preparing a tombstone before murdering his next victim: Yael Okuzaki.

  • Goemon: traces of blood (directed by Takeshi Koike).

A young man (Goemon) is hired as a bodyguard to save the family boss from the Yakuza Mafia. After avoiding that he is wounded by a bullet in his luxurious boat, a huge explosion ends the boss’s life; this was caused by a mysterious man, armed with two axes. Enraged, Goemon tries to go after him, but the man manages to run away. Lupin, Jigen and Fujiko, who were about to leave the ship after robbing a room full of money, witness the scene and Fujiko recognizes the mysterious man, who is nothing more and nothing less than “The Ghost of Bermuda”. Legend has it that one of his feats was to wipe out an army of two thousand men, but he was supposed to have been dead for 20 years. Why is he alive, and why is he in Japan? Inspector Zenigata follows the Bermuda Ghost to capture him, and Goemon seeks him out to avenge the death of his boss so he can restore his honor.

  • Fujiko’s Lie (directed by Takeshi Koike).

Fujiko Mine helps a man named Randy take care of his fragile son Gene in an isolated house in the middle of the desert. It would be idyllic, if it weren’t a lie. Randy has embezzled a lot of money, and Fujiko doesn’t give a damn about the family since it is well known that she is only loyal to herself.

The corporation Randy robbed sends a man to kill him, and Fujiko honors her promise to protect Gene, going above and beyond for the boy. However… could it be a lie? Gene is the key to finding half a billion dollars hidden by his father, and she refuses to tell until he has avenged him. What will Fujiko do? Will her lies get out of hand? All may not be as it seems in the new film from talented director Takeshi Koike.

Finally, it should be remembered that lupine iii is a manga series created and illustrated by Monkey Punch and published by the Japanese magazine Weekly Manga Action for the first time the August 10, 1967. In addition, a total of 12 volumes. The story has also been adapted into 6 movies, 6 anime series, several television specials, a musical, several OVAs, music CDs, and multiple video games. In addition, White Light Entertainmenta production company owned by Gerald R. Molenbought the theatrical rights to the series in 2003.

Lupine the Third:

Arsenal Lupine III He is the grandson of the famous thief Arsene Lupin, his right hand and best friend is Daisuke Jigen, an expert marksman. They are often joined in their adventures by Goemon Ishikawa XIII, an expert in swordsmanship (this character is a descendant of Japan’s most famous thief, born into a family of samurai who stole from the rich to provide for the poor) and Fujiko Mine, a cunning and boundless woman who frequently takes advantage of Lupine’s romantic interest in her. This gang of thieves lives endless adventures and is constantly pursued by Interpol inspector Koichi Zenigata, who has dedicated his life to chasing them around the world in order to arrest them.

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