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Made in Abyss joins the Netflix catalog with dubbing made in Córdoba, Argentina




Thanks to its partnership with distributor Sentai Filmworks, During the course of the week, Netflix added the first two seasons of the anime Made In Abyssalong with the unexpected surprise of including a dubbing into Latin Spanish, which ended up being made in Córdoba, Argentina, although only for its first season, while the second only arrived in the original language with Spanish subtitles.

Clip courtesy of our news portal colleagues ANMTV Latin America.

This would be the eighth project that Sentai sends Córdoba, Argentina (and the second alone for that area along with the anime Nozaki Girls’ Monthly Magazine). The dubbing of this series was done in the Paraíso Pro studio in Córdoba under the direction of Aldo Lumbía, and a translation was carried out by the company HLA Translations. The cast is made up of:

  • Tamara Veppo as Riko
  • Arelys González as Reg
  • Victoria Funes Grimaux as Nanachi
  • Melisa Robles as Mitty and Kiyui
  • Javier Gomez as Bondrewd
  • Pablo Contreras like Gueira
  • Santiago Dora as Jiruo
  • Ailen Campos like Nat
  • Rocio Zarazaga as Shiggy and Narrator
  • Matilde Avila like Ozen
  • Maria Laura Cassani as Marulk
  • Janet Brekle like Lyza
  • Aldo Lumbía how to blog
  • Jorge Mansilla like Zapo
  • Gaston Ciccioli like Shimred
  • Jonathan Florit Rozas like Helme
  • Carolina Britos like Belchero

This fact directly signals a resounding change in the distribution of dubbing, considering that the franchise had already had a Latin Spanish dubbing before, which was applied for the three anime compilation filmsreleased from 2019 to 2021, and which were made for that occasion in Miami, United States by VOA Voices Studios with María José Estévez as Riko and Sebastián Reggio as Reg.

Made in Abbys was born in manga format which was written and illustrated by Akihito Tsukushi, published in 2012 by the Takeshobo publishing house. The work received an anime adaptation by the animation studio Kinema Citrus,
with 25 episodes, divided between its two seasons released in 2017 and 2022.

Synopsis of Made in Abbys:

The enigmatic Abyss is a deadly place and impossible to forget. Despite the dangers, she still manages to capture the imagination of explorers like Riko, who wants to follow in her mother’s footsteps and trains hard to become a cave raider. One day, she receives news that her mother died in the Abyss, although a mysterious note tells her that perhaps she could be alive. Vowing to discover the truth about her mother’s fate, Riko embarks on a journey with cyborg boy Reg. Together they will discover if they have what it takes to survive in a place that has killed so many others.

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