Madman Entertainment Founder Launches New Anime Distribution Company In Australia

Madman Entertainment Founder Launches New Anime Distribution Company In Australia

July 11, 2023

Tim Anderson, the founder and former CEO of Madman Entertainment, along with Sylvester “Sly” Ip has launched a new anime distribution and licensing company in Australia called ‘Sugoi Co‘.

The company made its soft launch at the recent Anime Expo event held from July 1-4, 2023, in Los Angeles.

Sugoi Co’s first major move involved securing the licensing rights for the anime film, The First Slam Dunk, based on Takehiko Inoue’s Slam Dunk manga, for theatrical release in Australia.

According to Anderson, Sugoi Co will primarily focus on marketing and promotion within the Australian market. The company aims to operate as a versatile “portfolio kind of business,” which means it will engage in general media distribution rather than aligning with a specific platform. Instead, Sugoi Co plans to collaborate with platforms that are most suitable for the anime licenses they acquire.

Apart from distribution, the company is also setting its sights on licensing merchandise. Recognizing the increasing demand for anime-related products in Australia, the company aims to expand the availability of anime merchandise and build strong anime-related brands within the country.

Madman Entertainment Pty. Ltd., also known as Madman Films, is an Australian distribution and rights management company headquartered in East Melbourne, Victoria, specialising in feature films, documentaries and television series across theatrical and home entertainment formats in Australia and New Zealand.

Source: ANN

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