Meet the cast of the Latin dub of Dragon Quest: The Adventures of Dai

Meet the cast of the Latin dub of Dragon Quest: The Adventures of Dai

August 19, 2022

After its announcement in the last edition of TNT a month ago, Anime Onegai is already preparing the ground for the already scheduled premiere of the long-awaited dubbing of Dragon Quest: The Adventures of Dai. One of the most recent successes of the renowned animation studio, Toei Animation. In this note we will let you know the cast of voices that will make up the dubbing into Latin Spanish of this second anime adaptation of the iconic video game Dragon Quest.

David Allende, renowned actor and regular director of the latest dubbing of the Anime Onegai platform, was in charge of directing the characters’ dialogue for the dubbing of this successful title.

The voice cast is made up of the following actors:

  • claudia motta interprets Dai

  • Hector Mena interprets popp

  • Blue Valdez interprets Ma’am

  • David Allende interprets Hyunckel

  • Jessica Angeles interprets Lioness

  • Manuel Campuzano interprets Avan of Zinuar III

  • Alexander Villeli interprets Grandpa Blass

  • scarlet miller interprets gome

  • Andres Garcia interprets Hadler

  • Richard Brust interprets crocodile

Synopsis for Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai:

The world was once at the mercy of Hadler, the Dark Lord, but peace has been restored thanks to a swordsman known as “the hero” and his group of companions. Years have passed and on Derlin Island, a lost island in the southern ocean, all the monsters that once served the Dark Lord ended up living.

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