Meet the voice cast of the Latin dub of Fairy Tail

Meet the voice cast of the Latin dub of Fairy Tail

June 13, 2022

Finally, the long-awaited day for the fans of the most well-known magicians’ guild in anime and manga arrived. We mean to the premiere of the Fairy Tail anime on the HBO MAX service, including its availability with subtitles as well as its long-awaited dubbing into Latin Spanish. Without further ado, we will review the people in charge of both the direction, translation and the different actors who have lent their voice to the dubbing of the anime based on the most recognized manga by Hiro Mashima.

The dubbing studio in charge of recording the translation of this beloved title was the studio of the same distributor in Latin America. We refer to Artworks Digital Studio. The translation and adaptation was entrusted to Diana Nolan while the direction of dialogue as well as the casting ran at the hands of the renowned actor and director Gerardo Ortega.

The cast of voices is made up of:

  • Enzo Fortunay it is Natsu Dragneel

  • Montserrat Aguilar it is Lucy Heartfilia

  • Gerardo Ortega it is Gray Fullbuster

  • Maggie Vera it is Erza Scarlet

  • Charles Monroy it is Laxus Dreyar

  • Cristina Hernandez it is Juvia Loxar

  • Anna Wolf it is Cana Alberona

  • Alfonso Obregon it is Gajeel Redfox

  • Rossy Aguirre it is Mirajane Strauss

  • Raphael Escalante it is Jellal Fernandes & Mystogan

  • Francisco Resendez it is Makarov Dreyar

  • Richard Brust it is Elfman Strauss

  • Eleazar Munoz it is Macau Conbolt

  • Octavio Rojas it is The narrator

Among other secondary voices:

  • Dolores Mondragon it is Aquarium

Honorable mention to our podcast host Samuel Lazcano (Koroshy) who could participate in the environment section for the dubbing of this anime

Last but not least, this project came included with its first Openings and Endings dubbed into our language. Mostly sung by iconic figures when it comes to dubbing entrances and closings of classic anime titles. Mauren Mendo (Saint Seiya) and Gaby Vega (Shaman King, Inuyasha, etc). Then we leave you with a fragment of the first opening sung by the first.

On October 12, 2009, the manga illustrated and written by Hiro Mashima, Fairy Tail would premiere its anime adaptation that consisted of 328 episodes, 11 OVAs and 2 movies. Initially, the animation studio A-1 Pictures was in charge of the production of the anime, years later, the animation studio CloverWorks would handle the production of the series.


Fairy Tail Synopsis:

The Mages Guild is the most feared in the entire kingdom. The toughest magicians, the most daring… and the most destructive coexist there. Lucy is a girl who wants to enter the guild, in order to develop her magical powers and fulfill the orders that may come from the guild. This is how she meets Natsu, a dragon slayer, a magician who uses the magic of dragons, and who allows him to turn any part of her body into fire. Along with the rest of her companions, they will face the most fearsome and tough assignments that may come their way, even against other guilds, who yearn for the power of Fairy Tail.

A special thanks to Gerardo Ortega and the team behind Artworks Entertaiment for the trust in our work.

Font: Press release (Artworks Entertainment)

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