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Minecraft will receive an animated series through Netflix




Last Thursday morning, Netflix announced the surprising news that it is developing a new animated series based on the popular sandbox game, Minecraft. The announcement also coincided with the date of the 15th anniversary of the video game. Here is the official announcement:

Few details are known, but according to Netflix, the series “will feature an original story, with new characters that shows the world of Minecraft in a new light”. The initial cast has not been revealed either.

The well-known Canadian animation studio and distributor WildBrain (who has worked with Netflix on productions such as sonic prime, Ninjago: Dragons Rising and the remake of Carmen Sandiego) will be in charge of producing the animation.

In Minecraft, players explore a blocky, pixelated, procedurally generated three-dimensional world with virtually infinite terrain. Players can discover and mine raw materials, craft tools and items, and build structures, earthworks, and machines. Depending on the game mode, players can fight hostile mobs, as well as cooperate or compete against other players in the same world.

Minecraft also has a live-action on the way

It should be remembered that this is not the only project that the franchise is developing. Warner Bros. is preparing a Minecraft movie, directed by Jared Hess from a script Chris Bowman and Hubble Palmer.

The film will star Jack Black, Jason Momoa, Danielle Brooks, Emma Myers, Jennifer Coolidge, Kate McKinnon and Jemaine Clement.

The film is produced by Legendary Pictures, Mojang and Vertigo Entertainment. Its launch is scheduled for April 4, 2025, if there are no changes in the remaining months.

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