My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero joins the ranks of Crunchyroll Games

My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero joins the ranks of Crunchyroll Games

April 6, 2022

My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero, title released globally in 2021, today announces its arrival in the game catalog of Crunchyroll GamesCrunchy’s dedicated gaming division celebrates this event with many gifts and surprises for players, find out all the details below.

Part of the statement published in the Crunchyroll official news page mention the following:

My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero has found its ideal home in Crunchyroll Games, given our focus on delivering great anime experiences to fans,” said Terry Li, General Manager of Games at Crunchyroll. “We have a lot in store for gamers this year, so stay tuned! so you don’t miss out on the Plus Ultra action!”

Now that Crunchyroll and Funimation have teamed up, Crunchyroll Games has the opportunity to explore even more opportunities within the gaming world to harness and maximize the potential of its anime franchises more than ever before.

Under Li’s leadership, Crunchyroll has launched a triple-A game publishing, publishing and production division, recruiting industry veterans from Sony Pictures Entertainment, Riot Games, Activision and Disney Entertainment.

As part of the aforementioned celebration, here is the list of gifts that we will have starting today:

  • The release of the Character Summon Card for Best Jeanist, the professional hero.
  • A special “Strongest Hero x Crunchyroll Celebration” daily access event kicks off today, April 6, and will run for seven days. Users who access the game daily during this period will receive seven Card Summon Tickets.
  • A Character Select Ticket as a reward that will be sent to the internal mail of the game to all players who access between April 6 and April 20.
  • Crunchyroll Games has also shared a general code that can be redeemed for three Card Summon Tickets. Use the code TSH2CR2022 to get them before April 20.

In just under a year, My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero has surpassed 12 million downloads globally, as well as being constantly updated with more heroes and villains, as well as the addition of more game modes like the recently added Roguelike mode for players looking for a bigger challenge. This only sets a pretty encouraging precedent for what’s to come for this title, leaving us to wait for more surprises to come with time.

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