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My Wife Has No Emotion previews its opening and closing themes in a new trailer




The upcoming anime adaptation of Jirō Sugiura’s manga, My Wife Has No Emotion (Boku no Tsuma wa Kanjō ga nai) took advantage of this June 10, which is unofficially Robot Day in Japan due to a play on words, to reveal a new trailer for the series, where they preview the musical themes that will begin and close this story.

The video reveals and previews the anime’s opening theme «Okaerinasai» (Welcome back) by VTuber Sora Tokinoand the final theme «wave” Of the singer Miisha Shimizu.

Fumihiro Yoshimura (Jungle Emperor Leo: Hon-o-ji) directs the anime in Tezuka Productions. Mitsutaka Hirota (Edens Zero; Rent-A-Girlfriend) supervises the series scripts, and Zenjirou Ukulele (Naruto Shippūden) designs the characters.

Although the series has achieved a lot of intrigue among the audience, we still have to wait to find out which streaming platform will be in charge of broadcasting the series, a fact that has not yet been defined.

What does it consist of? My Wife Has No Emotion?

The story will follow Takuma, a single boy who does nothing but go to work and come home. Too tired to do housework, he decides to buy a robot to cook and take care of the house. “Mina-chan” is such a good housewife that Takuma jokes that she should become his wife.

Mina takes Takuma’s prank seriously, and little by little, the two begin to do more things together, such as going on picnics outside. As time passes, Takuma begins to fall in love with Mina, but can a human and a robot ever have a loving relationship as equals?

Sugiura launched the manga in the magazine Comic Flapper of Kadokawa in 2019, with a total of seven compilation volumes of the manga until October 2023.

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