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Naoko Yamada’s New Movie Kimi No Iro Reveals Trailer, Key Visual & August 30 Release Date




A new trailer and key visual was revealed on March 18, 2024 for A Silent Voice director Naoko Yamada’s latest anime film, Kimi No Iro, which tells the story of a high school girl who can see people’s emotions as colors.

The movie, animated by Science SARU, will release in theatres in Japan on Aug 30, 2024. It was originally set to release in 2023, but then got delayed.

Check out the trailer and the key visual below.

Director Yamada, emphasizing the importance of the audience’s cinematic experience, elaborated on Kimi no Iro‘s core concept of “seeing people’s hearts through colors,” explaining, “It’s a very sensory concept, and to bring it to life as a visual experience, I consciously avoided verbalizing it. I wanted to express the protagonist Totsuko’s perception of the world through colors.”

Yamada mentioned the focus on effectively communicating the film’s worldview and core themes to the staff, stating, “I was particularly mindful of the words we used and the perspective we adopted in conveying the story.”

She added that this movie was “crafted with the utmost care for the theatrical experience” and believed that it can touch upon the “experiences of those watching it, perhaps resonating with their past or even hinting at their future.” This was revealed by her at the production report meeting which was held on March 18, 2024.

Along with the trailer and visual, two new staff members and the main cast working on the movie were also revealed.

The main cast of the movie were chosen after their auditions from among 1600 participants. They include:

Sayu Suzukawa as Totsuko Higurashi, a girl who can see other people’s colors since she was a child, but not her own.

Totsuko Higurashi

Akari Takaishi as Kimi Sakunaga, a girl who cannot tell her family that she dropped out of school.

Kimi Sakunaga

Taisei Kido as Rui Kagehira, a boy whose mother expects him to be a doctor, but he secretly pursues a music career.

Rui Kagehira

Yui Aragaki as Sister Hiyoshiko, a character who guides the main three characters in the movie.

Sister Hiyoshiko

The staff working on the movie includes:

  • Director: Naoko Yamada
  • Script/Screenplay: Reiko Ushida
  • Music: Kensuke Ushio
  • Original Character Designer: Daisuke Richard (newly announced)
  • Character Designer/Animation Director: Takashi Kojima (newly announced)

The plot of Kimi no Iro is described as:

The story revolves around Totsuko, a high school student at a mission school in Nagasaki City. She can see people’s heart in colours. Happy colours, sad colours, peaceful colours, frightened colours…. In order not to have her friends and family’s “colours” darkened, she is careful, reads the atmosphere, and tells lies to mend the situation. Then, Totsuko meets a beautiful girl in a second-hand bookstore in a corner of the city. She ends up forming a band with a beautiful girl who radiates beautiful colours and a boy who loves music. These three overly sensitive people get together and begin to play the music of their youth…

Source: Comic Natalie (1,2).

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Luisa Rosenbaum
30 days ago

Loved your take on this topic, very unique and thought-provoking.