NieR:Automata Ver1.1a Episode 3 Review

NieR:Automata Ver1.1a Episode 3 Review

January 22, 2023

Special Goggles

The Resistance

After 2B and 9S saved the group from the lifeforms, they go with them towards their settlement. Many questions arise from people in the group, including if the androids can see with the blindfolds, a question that gets clarified by it being special goggles, not blindfolds. 2B also has a question for the group – why are the maintenance androids on the front line since it is not an efficient location? But it seems that it has been done per their request. 

It’s A Secret

9S has a secret

They arrive at the Resistance Camp, and outside, there is a huge part of a machine, rumored to be from a Goliath machine lifeform. 

While inside the Camp, workers thank 2B and 9S, and between jokes, 9S gets asked what he carries inside the little bag he carries, which seems to be a secret… could this be a joke between them, or does he have something valuable or that will be useful? 

Suspicious, or Sad?

2B and 9S talk with Lily

In the last episode, upon the arrival of 9S and 2B to help the Resistance, Lily seemed to be suspicious of 2B, particularly. Even if it doesn’t answer all the questions that it provoked, Lily apologizes for pointing her gun at them earlier, with the excuse that she rounds up the android Resistance in the area. Despite this conversation, Lily still holds a sad look in her eyes when looking at 2B, even awakening the curiosity of 9S who asks if she knows her, but she had no opportunity to reply as they got interrupted. 

Commander White

Commander White

Commander White tells other Androids that she didn’t send 2B and 9S down in reply to the assistance request, contrary to what the Resistance believes. She proceeds to explain that YoRHa Soldiers are soldiers directly under the Council of Humanity, and if they kept responding to each and every assistance request from the Resistance, their operations would be hindered, beginning with the fact that The Resistance is fighting machine lifeforms individually. Then why did she send 9S and 2B? Because the behavior of the machine lifeforms has been acting strange lately, and on top of that, they lost comms with the liaison assigned to the area that the Androids are in now. Reconnaissance has the danger of virus infection, and if there are decoys like the Resistance, they can buy some time. 

Fear and Danger

the machine lifeforms now talk and have emotions

2B and 9S join Jackass to investigate the multiple sightings of vicious machine lifeforms in the ruins area of the desert. Lately, there have been units among the machine lifeforms that speak, and in the previous episode, we even saw that some of them are starting to have emotions. In the middle of the desert, they find three machine lifeforms, a big one, and two smaller ones, and they do talk some words! 9S hacks the bigger weapon, and inside he finds data about what seems to be a wedding? Outside, 2B quickly finishes the job and defeats the machine lifeform. One of the smaller lifeforms that had been hiding shows up from the ground and upon seeing the dead lifeform next to it, it said Death. Run. Scared, confirming that they have evolved to talking and feeling emotions, such as fear and danger.


9S and 2B try to kill the evolved lifeform

They head into the ruins of an area formally used as a residence for humans, where they find not only Android bodies, and dead machine lifeforms, but also the previously assigned liaison. Jackass also found a machine lifeform that seems to be a special unit. 

Deeper into the area, the ground collapses and they fall into an underground cave where thousands of machine lifeforms are. These machine lifeforms together form a ball that opens, and from the inside comes out a lifeform that has the appearance of an Android. 

2B and 9S are quick to attack, and when the lifeform appears to have been defeated, it grows a new one from the inside of its corpse, and this one is more powerful than the previous one. 

Saki Thoughts

Step by step, the machine lifeforms are evolving, from feeling emotions to talking, and now to develop a body that not only looks like one from an Android but also has the power to grow another one right after it has been defeated. What will these evolutions lead to, and how will the Androids and The Resistance react to them? We will have to wait for more episodes to find out! Check out our other news at LAN. We cover everything anime and game related, always doing our best to bring you the latest news and episode reviews! Today our recommendations are Trigun Stampede Episode 3 Review, Trails of Cold Steel: Northern War Episode 3 Review, and Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty trailer shares compelling story.

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