One Piece Film Red grossed over 6.4 billion yen since its premiere

One Piece Film Red grossed over 6.4 billion yen since its premiere

August 17, 2022

The film One Piece Film Red continues to remain in the eyes of the Japanese viewer, both for its history and above all for its impressive collection since last August 06.

Through a report from the Mantan Web portal, the latest One Piece anime tape received a huge amount of yen, with a total of 6.4 billion (approximately 48.25 million US dollars) thanks to the 4.62 million tickets it has sold in just 9 days since its release in theaters in Japan. If the increase in numbers continues at the rate that has been revealed in recent days, One Piece Film Red is too close to becoming the highest grossing film in the franchise.

Within the production staff belonging to One Piece Film Red, we find Eiichiro Oda (the original author and father of the franchise) under the baton as executive producer, while Goro Taniguchi was in charge of directing the film, Tsutomu Koriwa was the one who wrote the script and dialogues and Masayuki Sato were responsible for the character design of the movie.

Synopsis of One Piece (manga & anime):

Wealth, fame, power… one man had obtained everything in this world, he was the Pirate King Gold Roger. Before he died his last words inspired the world to venture out to sea: “My treasure? If you want it, it is yours… I have hidden everything in that place». And so began what is known as the Great Age of Piracy, throwing hundreds of pirates into the sea to find the great One Piece treasure.

This series recounts the adventures and misadventures of one of those pirates, Monkey D. Luffy, who accidentally ate a Devil Fruit (Akuma no Mi in Japanese) as a child, in particular a Gomu Gomu no Mi that made his body gain the physical properties of rubber, becoming the rubber man. Luffy, after this event, decides that he will become the next King of the Pirates and for this, he must find the One Piece.


Source: Mantan Web

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