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One Piece’s Egghead Arc Will Have Even Bigger Twist At The End, Editor Says




In a recent interview uploaded by One Piece fan channel Onegashimasu Pirates, the manga’s current editor Kaito Anayama revealed that One Piece’s Egghead arc is poised to have an even bigger twist.

According to Anayama, the Egghead Arc was already receiving lot of praise after the developments in the recent chapters, the highlight of which was the broadcast message of genius scientist Vegapunk, which touched upon the hidden lore of One Piece universe.

The Egghead arc marks the beginning of the end for One Piece manga, and naturally, readers were looking forward to finally untangle the mysteries that Oda had been meticulously weaving for the past two decades.

While Vegapunk’s broadcast message itself was a monumental event in terms of filling the gaps, Anayama teased that an even bigger twist will mark the conclusion of the arc.

However, the editor did not divulge any specific details regarding what this huge surprise would be.

It’s been stated that Egghead would conclude with a major incident. However, there is still one more big twist to it. I won’t say anything else or they’ll erase me lol,” Anayama said in the interview.

As things currently stand, the Egghead arc has already provided a lot of memorable highlights for fans – including the power reveal of the Five Elders, additional lore on Luffy’s Gomu Gomu no Mi and Gear 5, and even touched upon some details of the Void Century.

Interestingly, the Egghead arc seems to be paving the way for Luffy and his gang to go to Elbaf – the island of giants readers have been wanting to see for quite some time.

One Piece started serializing on Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump Magazine from 1997. The manga, which is currently in its final saga, has become the best selling manga series in history.

The chapters of the manga have been collected into 108 tankobon volumes as of March 2024. An anime adaptation by Toei Animation has been airing since 1999. Meanwhile, a remake of the anime to cater to new audiences is currently under production at WIT Studios – titled The One Piece.

Source: Onegaishimasu Pirates via Library of Ohara

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