Orange Season 1 Episode 5 Discussion (Episode9)

Orange Season 1 Episode 5 Discussion (Episode9)

April 22, 2022

This episode has brought us back on board with the show. coming off of episode 4 we were dragging and even starting to question if we should even continue watching this show. Thankfully we did because this episode has brought all the excitement back around.

In this episode for the first time we actually get to hear someone talk a little about time travel. Now this isn’t particularly about the letter per say but the teacher in class goes off and teaches this huge lesson about it. And that gets Naho thinking about the letter and how the future might not be able to change at all.

Around that we also see Kakeru and Naho spend ALOT of time together! The group of friends are really trying everything they can to get those to to wind up together. And it could very well happen if Naho would just stop failing the letter.

Moving to the back end of the episode it really brings Suwa into a little more light than we have seen him be in for previous episodes. They really start to develop his character and have you jump on board for the Suwa simp train. He may have a crush on Naho but he is still going along with what the gang is wanting and is doing some really nice things for the both of them.
In just this episode alone Suwa saves Naho from getting her hair clip taken that Kakeru had given her, saved Naho from getting beat up by Ueada and her gang, and got bandages for Nahos hurt hand and tried to pass it off as if Kakeru had gotten them for her (Although Kakeru blew that)

Overall this was a really great episode If you want to hear more about it listen to the podcast we did on it. There will be more details within that episode.

Asylum rated it a 6

Thomacus rated it a 7

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3 months ago

Great episode guys! Love the energy in this one.

Reply to  StickMan
3 months ago

They killed it as usual.

3 months ago

Yeah a breath of fresh air this episode was.

3 months ago

My fucking boys!!!