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Orange Season 1 Episode 9 Discussion (Episode14)

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After Naho learns that the rest of the group has received letters from their selves ten years into the future, they make a plan to save Kakeru together. Hagita, Suwa, Takako and Azusa scheme to push Naho and Kakeru closer after Azusa’s birthday celebration at school. A plan to which Naho appears completely oblivious. The day of the school athletic relay arrives. Suwa has once again changed the future by inviting Kakeru’s grandmother to watch the event. However, a feeling of despair and sorrow hangs over Kakeru. When Suwa asks him why he’s not going out with Naho, he makes vague references to “disappearing”. He suggests that it would be better if she went out with Suwa. After both Suwa and Kakeru get injured during the event, Naho tends to Suwa and tries to help Kakeru. But he refuses her aid and leaves. As the episode closes, he realizes he is hypocritical about what he says he wants and how he’s acting.

Now that the gang knows they all have letters they will ban together to try and get to the end goal a little faster. For the most part all of the letters say the same thing.

The gills (Takko and Azu) come off wayyyy too strong now they they know everyone has letters.  Kakeru even notices that they are acting so weird. They need to take a step back so Kakeru does not become overly suspicious.

Naho and Kakeru have a little moment during a rain scene where Naho puts her hand out towards Kakeru for him to hold it.  This is a call back to the previous episode when Kakeru had put his hand out towards her for her to hold it but both times he tried she was clueless.   But he says its ok and they they don’t have to .  However after Naho ask if only holding hands once at the cultural festival were enough. they wind up holding hands again right here.

Then we get to the relay race, which is going to be present within the next couple of episodes. The group has to do a couple of things here that the letter notified them of. they need to first of all make sure Kakeru is happy and that someone is there from his family to watch him, Souah invited Kakerus grandma to the race.

They need to make sure that Kakeru does not fall while running in the race. We learn that he had hurt his ankle during the first pole climb challenge at the Race. (we wont learn that until later though) and they need to make sure the group wins.

they wind up accomplishing all of this but will it have any effect to the future?

Then Souah does something that made both of us question if he really is a good guy and if he really is on Kakerus side. He basically ask Kakeru if he wasn’t going to go after Naho If he would be ok with him dating her. Kakeru replies with yeah i think it would be a good idea….  NO thats not part of the plan Souah!

We discuss this further and realize that this is just a reverse psychology thing that Souah was performing on Kakeru just to make him jealous and have him jump a little faster to getting with Naho.

The last scene of this show is what made me personally start to not like Kakeru. I was already on the fence with this guy and how much he has anger issues, But this pushed my feelings into full motion. After the rally Naho was healing Souah’s wounds, Kakeru was looking on at this and he looked a little sad. Naho sees Kakeru standing there and she offers to take a look at his wounds, He replies with I’m fine and gets loud about it.  Naho goes to grab his arm and he smacks her hand away!!!  He instantly regrets this walking away.

The last scene is Kakeru walking alone and he thinks in his head that he really does mind if Souah would start dating Naho.  Perhaps Souah’s plan worked because now Kakeru is jealous!

NOTE: We both agree that this show moves way too slow and would have been better off just being a manga. The lack of spreading content out in the show makes for it to sort of drag on. Then you are left cramming everything into the last two episodes.

We both rated this episode a 6


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2 years ago

Truly an enjoyable episode!

2 years ago

I really am getting invested the deeper we go into this show.